Turn Your Home into a Museum: How to Make Your Own Plexiglass Display Case

There are over 55,000 museums in the world. If your children love museums but you don't have the time or money to bring them to all of them, then the next best thing is to make a home museum.

It may sound difficult, but it's actually not that hard to make DIY art display panels.

Here's how you can make your own Plexiglass display case.

Find a Design You Like

Display cases aren't all made equally. Some are long and tall while others are shorter but wider. In addition, some have just one compartment, whereas others have many to display multiple pieces at once.

To get some inspiration, you can look at museums around the world, such as Samurai Museum Tokyo. Make note of what display cases you like and go from there. Draw up a rough plan of what you want to make.

Cut the Plexiglass or Purchase Precut Sheets

If you have the capacity to cut your own Plexiglass, then you might be able to save some money by doing so. Otherwise, you can always just purchase precut sheets to save yourself some trouble.

If you're cutting the Plexiglass, make sure you stabilize the sheets and minimize vibrations. Vibrations can cause the Plexiglass to either melt or have rough edges. In any case, you should use an electric sander on it afterward to smooth the edges out.

Assemble Your Display Case

Once you have your sheets cut, or once you've picked up the precut ones, you're ready to assemble your display case.

You can do a dry run by putting all the pieces together and connecting them with masking tape to see if it works. Once you've got everything fitted well, then you can actually assemble it.

To do this, you can either drill holes or use acrylic cement. If you drill holes, you'll need to connect the sheets with bolts.

Otherwise, you can just glue the sheets together by following the instructions on the package. Then, let the entire case dry overnight, maybe even up to 48 hours if possible. That way, it'll be as sturdy as possible.

Add the Finishing Touches

Now that you have a display case, you should add some finishing touches to your home museum. For instance, you can print out labels and make a museum placard or two.

By having a museum wall with proper placards, your entire family can have an amazing time walking through all the home exhibits. Your kids can also practice their reading skills by taking the time to read each museum label you've put up for them.

Make Your Own Plexiglass Display Case to Turn Your Home Into a Museum

Now that you know how to make your own Plexiglass display case, you can turn your home into a museum. Your kids are sure to love this transformation!

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