5 Gadgets To Start The Tech Journey In Your Home

Having a smart home is no longer just for the ambiance but is now the new norm. Technology has made our daily tasks simpler as we push to get things done faster after working long hours at the office. We all want to make our lives easier and safer. What if we told you that some gadgets allow you to perform your daily tasks even when you’re not home?


With so many technological advancements, you can find all kinds of gadgets. From the latest smoke detector to the most expensive smart television, you want to stay up to date. Here we have gathered five useful gadgets any house should have to tech it up a bit.

Smart Light Bulbs

This is the best way to start your smart home journey. With these, you simply swap your standard bulbs with smart ones such as the Phillips Hue. These lights allow you to set the time when they come on and off without flipping the switch or waiting for them to detect sunrise or sunset. They simply use your smartphone to control them from wherever you’re. They’re responsive and compatible with iOS and Android and have an inbuilt Bluetooth device.

Smart Kitchen Faucets

Imagine if you could tell your faucet to take out a certain amount of water at a particular temperature. Well, smart kitchen faucets never disappoint and have definitely taken technology to the next level. Smart kitchen faucets are also quite simple to install.  You can control the water from this faucet by the handle, voice, and even gesture. They’re compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Self Charging Robotic Vaccum

Keep your home clean without lifting a finger with this gadget. You can look at the Eufy G10 hybrid when looking for a robotic vacuum. This is great for people that are always on the move as it will keep your house clean and tidy and also recharge itself. The beauty of this gadget is that you don’t have to monitor the battery level. This device has Smart Floor Navigation, hands-free, and has a 2-in-1 sweep and mop feature.

Smart Ceiling Fan and Light Combo

Smart ceiling fans can come with a light and work with Google Assistant and Alexa. Voice control activates the fan, and this is super handy when you’re already in bed or pampering yourself and want to cool down. Unlike other fans, this one is quiet and can push the air upwards or down.

Touch Screen Smart Mirror

Mirrors are everybody’s favorite. Imagine having a smart mirror with speakers and a touch display. The Capstone Touch Screen Smart Mirror is highly recommended. It uses Android OS. The operating system is immaculate, with no bloatware.


Smart devices are a great concept and can make anyone's life easy and safe. Don’t you wish you could have them all? The market is filled with a wide range of these smart devices, and you can simply control most of them with your smartphone without moving an inch or even being at home.

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