The 4 Signs That Point To Your House Needing A New Paint Job 

You don’t necessarily need more of a reason to repaint your house other than that it will look better. However, when you repaint your house you can increase the value of it when you are looking to sell and can even make sure that it is not getting damaged by the elements. Whatever the reason for a new paint job, you need to recognize the signs when it is time to do one.


Your house is always telling you what it needs and when but you probably aren’t picking up on the signs. Whether you plan to do it yourself or will hire a professional painter, you’ll need to know what the signs are that your house is telling you. In this article, we will go over the most common things to look for that indicate you need to paint your house again.

Peeling or cracked paint

The most obvious sign you’ll see that you need to call in Albuquerque NM painters is that the pain on the house is cracked or is starting to peel off. This is not just an obvious sign, but is also the most important one to not ignore. That’s because when the wood beneath the pain is exposed to the elements, it will become damaged.

Water will be able to soak into the exposed wood and start the deterioration process. When this happens your problem is going to be much more expensive than just needing to repaint the house.

Beyond the damage cracked and peeling paint causes, your house will also look neglected. Neighbors will surely start to complain and the value of your house as well as your neighbors will decrease.

Just as you wouldn’t continue to wear clothes that are starting to tear and have holes in them, you shouldn’t let these cracks in the paint remain for long. Once you notice this sign, it is time to take action and start a repainting plan.

Bubbling paint

If you live in an area of the country with consistent high heat and humidity then it is likely you will experience blistering paint. When exposed to high heat, the paint expands which allows for humidity to get behind it. This is what causes bubbles that look like a burn on the skin.

At some point those bubbles will burst and the wood beneath it will get exposed. Then water and other elements will be able to begin damaging the wood. As soon as you see those bubbles, take action to avoid any damage.


If you’ve ever brushed up against the side of the house and found your hand or clothes to be covered with powder then this means you have chalking of the paint occurring. As the paint ages and is exposed to a lot of sunlight, it starts to degrade. It is more likely to happen in an area of the country where you experience high heat and very arid conditions.

Over time, the degradation of the paint will lead to it losing its strength. It will be less durable and susceptible to wearing out in areas that will allow the elements to begin damaging the wood beneath it.

You should paint over this weakened layer to give it added strength. If you know which paint you used previously, it’s also a good idea to use a different one since it can also be the low quality of the paint that causes it to weaken in the sun.

Fading colors

Now matter how good the paint was that was used previously, and how forgiving the weather conditions in your area, the colors of the paint will one day fade. Over time, the exposure to the sun, wind, and rain will dull the once vibrant colors.

You might find that some parts of the house have faded more than others creating an awkward looking facade to your home. Although there isn’t much of a worry about the wood beneath getting damaged, it is a good idea to plan a paint job for aesthetic reasons.

It could even be a good time to change up the color scheme if you find the old color of the house being out of date or boring. When it’s time to upgrade the paint, consider a new color scheme to add value and make your house look brand new. Take advantage of repainting by getting a paint that has an updated formula from the previous one that will give you more time before a new paint job is needed.

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