Renovating a Loft Apartment? Here are Some Things To Pay Attention To

Living in loft apartments is getting more and more common for a lot of people, and they certainly have their charm - not only are they bright, airy, and open, but they’re also great for people who just want to live in a place that’s not your traditional home.


But as with most things, loft apartments present challenges of their own - you can’t decorate them like you would any other place, and you might need to make some adjustments to the place to ensure you have privacy in your bedroom. There are also some storage issues that come with a loft, and how do you decorate around all the exposed brick, concrete floor, and sometimes even metal pipes? Well, you might need to learn because all these things are very common in lofts that are usually converted commercial spaces.

If you want to know more about the things you might need to pay attention to in your loft, keep reading.

Privacy For Your Bedroom

Most Dallas Texas lofts are open space, and the same is true for lofts in any big city. While this is great when you think about having guests over, or just having a wide space to yourself, it’s not so great when you want some privacy for your bedroom.

When moving into your loft, the biggest question you ask yourself might be where your bed goes, and how you’re going to separate your bedroom from your living room. Good news is that it can be done quite easily without actually putting up extra walls - open shelves and floor to ceiling wooden frames with vines (and fairy lights) growing over them are just two of the solutions.

With the various kinds of open shelves out there, you will be able to find one to fit whatever interior decor you have, as well as have one custom made to fit from floor to ceiling in your loft apartment if that’s what you want. Next, you can fill the shelves up with vases, statues, small plants, books, baskets, and even framed photos and wall art.

Storage Issues

One of the things people struggle with the most while living in lofts is that there isn’t a lot of storage space in them. With the open plan and the unique layout, it can be hard to figure out a place for closets and other types of conventional storage, which is why you might need to get creative.

Consider getting drawers and storage space under the bed, a small sitting area next to the windows with storage inside, and so on. For the kitchen, the same rules apply. Make sure there’s more than enough space in the kitchen island, and keep all your belongings down to the essentials.

In addition, you might be able to work in some overhead storage if the ceiling is high enough, but you need to be careful with the way you do that - you don’t want to make the space look smaller than it is, and the ideal approach is to make the storage cabinets along the corners of the walls in one side of the loft. You might also need to install a simple ladder to access the cabinets, but they will be good for storing items that aren’t meant for daily use.

Light and Temperature Control

Lofts often have very wide floor to ceiling windows and are known for the great views. Being mostly repurposed commercial buildings with brick walls, they usually don’t have the best insulation either. This causes problems for you - especially when it comes to the hotter times of the year when sunlight might be able to hit your home directly.

Proper window coverings like blinds and curtains that are heavy enough to block the sunlight would be a good idea, and so would something to reinforce the walls and give you more control over what the temperature inside your home would be.

If you feel like this is a change your home needs, you might need to contact some experts and consider all your options properly.

Multiple Levels

We’ve mentioned the high ceilings most loft apartments have, but the potential there needs to be discussed more. If your ceiling is high enough, you might be able to add a whole other level for your loft apartment. This level can be used either as your bedroom, your home office, or even extra storage or a hobby area.

Either way, you will be able to get privacy and more flexibility with your space.

The Right Textures and Colors

When decorating your loft apartment, keep in mind that the main themes here are openness and the abundance of light. Painting the walls off white or other light colors will be a good idea. If you want to add some personality to the place, you can also consider adding an accent wall in a darker color.

When it comes to decorating the rest of the space, add depth and character with the help of different textures and fabrics. Adding rugs and floor coverings will not only add color to the area, but it’s also a smart way to divide different parts of your loft.

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