Is It Okay To Use Wall Tiles On The Floor? Interesting Answer You Need To Know

Building your dream home is one of the biggest concerns of most of us. We want it to be perfect in every sense. And the tiles are an important part of every home. We use tiles on our floor, our roofs, and our bathrooms. Did you know that wall tiles and floor tiles are two different things? So, is it okay to use wall tiles on the floor?

Let me show the main differences that decide which kind of tiles we use on our wall and the floor and see if it is possible to use them in place of one other.


Differences Between Wall Tiles And Floor Tiles

Many of us might not know, but tiles manufacturer do not differentiate tiles as wall tiles and floor tiles. That doesn’t mean all tiles are the same. They are divided into groups based on durability and strength. Wall tiles and floor tiles are different from each other in these 2 aspects.

Wall tiles are not designed to take the impact that a floor tiles have to undergo in their lifetime. They both are made up of different components and under different conditions. Floor tiles are generally stronger when compared to the wall variety. This is because floor tiles need to be more resistant to a load of people walking over it on a daily basis.

The wall tiles are not just inferior in their strength when compared to floor tiles. It also have a weaker glaze on them when compared to the floor tiles. This can lead to faster wearing of the tiles when used on the floor. The stronger glazed floor tiles can survive this wear and tear for a longer duration when compared to the wall tiles.

Thus, wall tiles are more prone to breakage, chipping or cracking when used in the space of floor tiles. They may also turn out to be more slippery when compared to the floor tiles. This can lead to major issues.

The wall tiles are also made from a material that is more suited for its function. They also have different porous surface when compared to tiles that are meant for flooring.

What If I Really Want To Use Wall Tiles on My Floor?

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot use wall tiles as floor tiles. You can replace your floor tiles with your wall tiles if you take care to make sure of some factors.

  • The floor surface has to be prepared properly
  • You should have at least a minimum of ½ inch cement board for your floor surface
  • You also have to make sure that the wall tiles that you are planning to use are of good quality and strength
  • The tiles should have a thick body to prevent them from breaking
  • It should be made of a material that can sustain increased load, like red clay and the likes. There are many wall tiles available that are thin and weak and thus are not suitable for using as a replacement for floor tiles
  • You should also make sure that the tile laying technique you use to laying the tile is perfect and free of errors
  • You should only use wall tiles on the floor in rooms that do not have too much foot traffic and load every day
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Even though it is possible to use wall tiles on your floor, it is still advised to stay away from using wall tiles in a place where you should be using floor tiles. Apart from being not designed to sustain the weight and load that a floor tile is meant to survive in its lifetime, they are made up of more porous and lightweight materials.

Though all tiles break and chip with time, wall tiles will begin to show breaking and chipping at a faster rate than floor tiles. There are also many rules and regulation in most countries or states that prevent you from using building material for unintended purposes.

But it is also based on your personal preference, even though I would ask you reconsider and look for more options. Also, I recommend using flooring carpet to reduce the wear and tear caused by foot traffic in case you truly want to use wall tiles on the floor.

I hope that all your questions and doubt about the wall and floor tiles and its applications are answered. If you have any more queries or doubts about the topic, feel free to contact us through the comment option. And also share this if you like reading it and found it informative so that others can also get the benefit.

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