Front Door Decor: Make Your Entrance Inviting and Fun

Has it occurred to you while envisioning your home design that nobody ever stops to admire the entrance anymore? Of course it hasn’t, because that’s how we, mere mortals, are programmed to treat such basic functionalities of architecture.

But this little, yet crucial part of your home can actually be the ideal ice-breaker for those who come for a first-time visit, and not to mention the importance of first impressions, so why not elicit a smile while you greet your guests? Seasons, holiday or otherwise, offer plenty of inspiration for a décor update, so let’s take a look at a few jolly embellishments, as well as year-round add-ons to your entrance area!


Steal A Café’s Chalkboard

This hipster-inspired look is gaining popularity among home-owners for its simplicity, but also for its whimsical charm. You needn’t use a large board just like those in cafes, though, it’s more than enough to find a smaller, fun-shaped board, with just enough space to write down your daily welcome message.

Café’s Chalkboard

If you’re a writer at heart, you can even get creative with your greeting messages or make it a daily puzzle game for your guests (although not everyone will be thrilled to be greeted by a Sphynx-door), or just leave a holiday cheer for the carol singers!

Floral All The Way

Fashion isn’t the only aspect of your life where flowers are always welcome. This boho trend is useful even for adding a more delicate, feminine or natural touch to your door! You can use wicker baskets filled with fresh, diverse, colorful flowers, but you can also go for faux flowers, since they are more practical.

Front Door Decor

Although this is a beautiful choice for springtime, you don’t have to wait for the snow to thaw before you implement this particular decoration – it gives life even to the dullest of winter days.

However, when it comes to floral decor and our entryways, you don’t have to stop at the front door. If you have a porch nearby or your entrance is part of a porch, you can add a few Rococo Decor soft cushions with floral patterns on the bench to complete the look.

A Green Embrace

Let’s step away from the door just for a moment, and think about ways the surrounding entrance area can extend the same warm welcome with the right accompanying décor. You can go completely au naturel and add many flower pots and vases both inside and out, so that it feels like a tiny greeting garden.

Front Door Decor

Then again, even plain green plants, such as a massive Ficus Tree can add charisma to your entrance, so color doesn’t have to be your only parameter when choosing the right plants.

Step By Step

As they walk in, most people will look down in order to avoid tripping over a step or a furry friend of yours, or just to see if they should leave their shoes at the entrance or not. So, when you greet them at the door, a sturdy doormat can also fit in with your entire entrance area.

You can peruse doormats online in order to find the most suitable choice for your home. They can be eco-friendly, plain, low-maintenance, rugged, sleek, printed or custom-made, all depending on your needs.

Keep It Festive

Front Door Decor

Is it Halloween? Or Christmas? Thanksgiving? Whatever the occasion, you can celebrate it further by making your entrance holiday-friendly. A scarecrow mask on the door, a hanging witch toy flying a broom, or even just a simple broom hanging on your door can make for an enchanting symbol.

A mistletoe is a classic, so always take that into consideration, but you can always think outside of the box and introduce a jolly Santa sack filled with mock (or actual, if you’re feeling generous) toys, fruits and other gifts, a simple Santa hat, or a Christmas tree branch decorated with lovely lamps.

Light Your Way

There’s something truly heartwarming about lanterns, so why not pave the path towards your door, and all around it, with lovely lights? You can both design them yourself, and find various fun lanterns online, but they will make for a simple addition that is both practical and beautiful.

Front Door Decor

Add some glitter for a more sparkly effect, combine them with greenery, or add a few red ribbons and snowflakes to represent the holiday spirit, but they will surely brighten up your guests’ day as soon as they see your entrance glow!

Frame Your Initials

Your post will never be misplaced again, since you’ll announce your presence loud and clear – with the help of large carved letters placed on your door! You can put them up in frames and hang them asymmetrically, not linearly, for a goofy effect, and add a color-punch by choosing contrasting shades to your door.

Front Door Decor

You can also use strips of fun-colored fabric to hang the letters, although be prepared for them to get tangled when wind picks up. However, they will definitely make for a lovely addition to your entrance, and they can always be changed when you get bored!

Peculiar Cut Outs

Your kids will have such fun with this DIY project, that you’ll likely be forced to change up your door décor more often than you’d expect! You can add curious shapes such as your favorite animals, paws, ribbons, flower pots (at least these won’t wither!) and other cute symbols your family loves.

Your “welcome” sign can also be created in this manner, so you can change up the surrounding drawings and colors based on the season and the occasion.


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