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Impact Wrench vs. Impact Driver: All You Need To Know

Having the proper tools for your work is very important. Without the right tool, you are only going to find your work harder than it really is. Let’s admit that we all get confused between impact wrench and impact driver, and have many-a-times used the wrong tool at various places.

Well, not anymore! Let’s do a quick comparison between the both impact wrench vs. impact driver. Let’s have a quick look at how they are similar in working, yet different in application.

What Size Breaker For Water Heater: Everything You Need To Know

Do you have a water heater at home? Is it an electrical water heater? Do you have doubts on what size breaker for water heater should you use in your home? Well, you have come to the right place.

Having an electric breaker is extremely important to protect your water heater from any damage. The buildup of pressure and temperature could cause the water heater to malfunction and even blow up in extreme cases. And, this is when a breaker comes to the rescue and stops the flow of current in water heater as a safety precaution.

6 Reasons Why Your Water Heater Pilot Won’t Stay Lit

Are you frustrated because the water heater pilot light won't stay lit? This is not only irritating but troublesome as well. The unlit pilot light can turn your comforting hot morning shower into a nightmare. After all, having a shower with not-so-warm water is the least that you would expect at the start of the day!

There could be numerous reasons as to why the pilot lights have gone out of order in your water heater. However, if you could understand the weirdness behind the unlit pilot light, then you will be able to prevent such a situation in future.

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