Best Laminate Floor Cutters You Need To buy For Your Home Improvement

Laminate floor cutters are gaining continuous popularity in the market as more and more houses choose to go for quality laminate flooring. Laminate flooring not only looks beautiful, but it also simplifies the installation procedure by allowing you to cut your vinyl and laminate flooring at ease. In this article, I will focus more on the best laminate floor cutters.

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What Are Laminate Floor Cutters?

Laminate floor cutters are heavy duty frame cutters provided with a positionable V-support that helps you adjust plank’s level while cutting. This lets you cut the laminate of any width and thickness easily. There is a wide range of laminate floor cutters available in the market. Some of them do not need extra power, are dust free and provide you an easy and professional cutting.

best laminate floor cutters

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Majority of the laminate floor cutters are available with a replaceable blade that helps you cut precisely without splintering and splitting. Just like other cutters, these laminate floor cutters are compact, lightweight in design and can easily be shifted from one place to the other. These are the perfect option for a handyman who’s on the move and needs to take his trusty tools along with him.

Why Do You Need Laminate Floor Cutters?

Laminate floor cutters help with quick laminate floor installation. Here are a few ways laminate floor cutters benefit you:


Laminate floor cutters speed up the installation process. They have sharp blades that accurately cut every inch of the flooring. The extremely long handle of these cutters provides an extra leverage, thus increasing the power of cutting with a very less effort.

Easy To Use

They are very easy to use. You just need to go through their user manual to have a look at their working. Some of the laminate floor cutters provide noiseless operation thus making it easy for you to work even in the night hours.

Laminate Floor Cutters


Laminate cutters are robust and sturdy in construction which makes them suitable to cut laminates with varied thickness. The base of laminate floor cutters is made up of heavy duty material like steel. This provides them with extra stability and durability.

Precise Cutting

The robust construction of laminate floor cutters provides precise and clean cuts on all almost all types of flooring materials such as carpet tiles, vinyl siding, VCT tiles, rubber, foam and the likes.

Laminate Floor Cutters

Clean Finish

The best part of laminate floor cutters is that they provide a clean finish both on the edges of the material and the workplace itself. It leaves no burr marks or splinters and there is no dust flying about after or during the work is done.


Laminate floor cutters are compact in design which provides easy movement within the room in which you are working and laying the flooring. Besides saving the time, laminate cutters also provide maximum efficiency in terms of measuring, cutting and placing the flooring inside the houses.

Types of Laminate Floor Cutters

Based on the thickness of the flooring materials, there are various types of laminate floor cutters available to us today. Let’s have a quick look:

  • 13” Pro Flooring Cutter
  • 18” Pro Flooring Cutter
  • 13” Flooring Cutter
  • 9” Flooring Cutter
  • 8” Laminate Cutter

Ideal for indoor usage, its heavy-duty steel frame provides it stability during work. It is compact in design and provides a noise-free operation.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Laminate Floor Cutters

To make sure that you choose a proper laminate floor cutter and to ensure that it is in line with your requirements, here are a few things to take care of:

Size And Angled Cutting Of The Cutter

There are various sizes of cutters available in the market. It is highly recommended to plan your work and type of flooring you will be dealing with and take a well-informed decision.

Laminate Floor Cutters

Angled cutting helps you in cutting laminate at various angles. Thus, make sure that your chosen laminate floor cutter has this feature in it. 


Blades are an important part of a laminate floor cutter. They are responsible for cutting the flooring evenly. Thus, it is highly recommended to buy a floor cutter that is equipped with quality blades with longer durability. Further, make sure that your chosen floor cutter provides easy replacement of blades when worn out. 

Laminate Floor Cutters

One more thing to keep in mind is that the blades should be removed easily. Heavily screwed blades require much effort in order to remove them.


Laminate Floor Cutters

Most of the cutters today come equipped with a slip-resistant flat footrest under the basic undercarriage that makes your work easier. Make sure that the laminate floor cutter has a base beneath it. This would help you in placing any extra material on it, required during work. 

Safety Rail

A safety rail in a floor cutter helps in the smooth retraction of the blades when pressed down.

Good Handle

A good handle on the knife is very important for adjusting the required force during cutting the required workpiece.

Low Maintenance

Vigorous use of floor cutters makes them prone to damage. Thus, keep in mind that your chosen laminate floor cutters are easy to maintain. 

5 Best Laminate Floor Cutters Reviewed

Still confused and looking for best laminate floor cutters? Well, we got you covered!

SKIL Flooring Saw( 3601-02)

This flooring cutter is suitable for average flooring projects and is popular among DIY users. It is very easy to use but requires a large space for storage. 

Its flip over blade provides easy angle cutting, the only restriction being that you need to cut in one particular direction. It is most suitable for solid hardwood and laminate floorings. The miter gauze can cut at angles of 0, 22 and 45 degrees thus providing flexibility while cutting. 

Besides making cross and rip cuts, it is also capable of moving back and forth in the same room. The saw can do almost all the things for you and it costs about half the price of a premium table saw. If you are looking for a simple floor solution for your house, then this is the one for you.


  • check
    Useful in making solid cuts
  • check
    Very light in weight and can be easily transported from one place to the other during work
  • check
    Come with a durable aluminum miter and a trip fence along with it


  • exclamation-triangle
    Take much time in switching from crosscuts to rip cuts
  • exclamation-triangle
    The glide board rusts quickly if left in a damp or any wet environment

Bullet Tools 9 inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter

This flooring cutter is highly efficient in terms of measuring, cutting and placing the flooring. The cutter is suitable for fiber cement siding, luxury vinyl siding, engineered wood and other similar types of floor materials. 

The cutter operates in a silent mode, thus making it easier for you to work even in the night. Its single saw blade outlasts over twenty saw blades. It is lightweight and durable, provided with fully metal jacketed bearings and durable phenolic coated plywood table. It comes with one year warranty thus you can get the parts replaced within the period if they get damaged during work.


  • check
    Produce less dust during work and thus reduces the time of clean up
  • check
    Cordless tool, runs without power thus keeping your workplace neat and clean
  • check
    Light in weight, hence very easy to be used
  • check
    Blades are very durable and sharp thus, providing even cutting to the floor materials


  • exclamation-triangle
    Capable of doing only straight cuts
  • exclamation-triangle
    Provided with a wooden base that can get damaged with the passage of time

Roberts 10-64 13 inch Pro Floor Cutter

It is an immaculate floor cutter that is suitable for cutting tiles, wood, vinyl siding and rubber. It can cut flooring materials up to a width of 13 inches and thickness of 5-8 inches.

Its aluminum coated base provides it stability while cutting. The blades are strong enough and can be sharpened from time to time thus offering maximum workability.

The cutter is capable of making almost all types of cuts by placing the cutter at different angles with the help of pivots and additional tools.


  • check
    Very comfortable to be used and easy to be stored
  • check
    One of the trending tools in the market in comparison to others, a must to buy
  • check
    Produce less dust and noise while at work
  • check
    Work quickly and with accuracy without any hassles


  • exclamation-triangle
    Doesn’t come with a user manual
  • exclamation-triangle
    The weight approximately 11 kg that is heavier to carry

EAB Tool, Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-inch Floor Cutter

This laminate flooring cutter offers precision cutting and is capable of slicing through widths as long as 9 inches. The long handle provides an extra leverage thus providing you an effortless working mechanism.

It is the lightest among all the laminate floor cutters mentioned here, thus making it extremely portable. The blade is made up of high carbon steel that provides it extra longevity and durability. 

It is suitable for cutting vinyl and PVC tiles, fiber cement, vinyl siding, and pressboard lab siding. It provides you with blade replacement option if you want to swap out your old blade. The angle gauze feature makes it perfect for cutting at precise angles thus providing your floorings a perfect finish.


  • check
    Available at an affordable price in the market
  • check
    Provided with a durable blade and good build in quality
  • check
    Highly suitable for cutting thinner laminates


  • exclamation-triangle
    Require strength during operation
  • exclamation-triangle
    Not capable of performing all types of cuts

Bullet Tools 13 inch EZ Shear Laminate Floor Cutter

Its cutting capacity is 13 inches in width and 1 inch in thickness. Compact in design and portable enough, you can cut right where you are laying the flooring. Provides a noise-free operation and is suitable for cutting engineered wood, vinyl tiles etc.

If you are not budget concerned and looking for a heavy duty floor cutter that has a long life warranty, then this one will surely suit you as it is provided with a gold five-year warranty.


  • check
    Provided with an excellent cutting capacity, it is capable of cutting even through a three quarter inch piece of wood too
  • check
    Can be assembled very easily thus very easy to be used
  • check
    Provided with an excellent build in quality and extremely durable


  • exclamation-triangle
    The handle is unfoldable thus reducing its portability
  • exclamation-triangle
    In comparison to other laminate floor cutters, it is very expensive


Thus, the best laminate floor cutter that you want depends on your specific need and the type of work you are to do with it. We have tried to offer a huge set of cutting tools and their types along with their pros and cons so that you may take a much closer view of each product before buying one for you. The description will assist in every step of your hardwood flooring projects.

All the above-mentioned laminate floor cutters are a good fit, however, if you want to go with my choice, then the best one according to me is the EAB Tool, Exchange-a-blade 2100005 9-inch floor cutter because of its robust design, portability, and its highly affordable price.

Our priority was to keep the list covering a diverse range of function options as well as price so that both the DIY users and the professionals may get benefitted. 

Let us know what are your views on this. Do you have any queries? Write to us in the comments.

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