Battery Chainsaw Reviews: A Guide to Your Next Backyard Equipment Buy

Are you working on a new backyard renovation project? Maybe you are finding it hard to clear the trees in your place with just an ordinary ax and now thinking of investing in a chainsaw. If you are new at woodcutting and will only use the equipment a few times a year, then a battery-operated chainsaw is the best option for you.


Reading battery chainsaw reviews will tell you that it is the most suitable equipment for tree pruning, firewood cutting, lot clean-up, storm clearing, and other arborist work. Aside from having a quieter engine, battery chainsaw is also more lightweight compared to other kinds of chainsaws, thus, making it easier to operate.

However, with all the different options out there for a battery chainsaw, how do you know which one is the most durable and effective in doing what it is supposed to do? In this article, you will know the necessary features that you must look for when buying this equipment. You will also get acquainted with the best products out in the market.

Reviewing Non-Negotiable Features

When it comes to buying battery chainsaws, power capacity, chain sizes, and weight are crucial components that you must keep an eye on. Battery chainsaws voltage usually ranges from 20-60 V. The higher the energy, the more powerful it is to assist in high-torque applications. However, they take longer charging hours, which may be an essential factor for you if you want to be energy-efficient.

As for the chain size, you will mostly find this equipment sporting 10-16-inch chains. Larger chain sizes are reserved for more powerful saws since they needed an extra kick to work efficiently. The size of your chainsaw should depend on what you need to cut. If you will be cutting a 12-inch diameter tree, then your chain has to have 14 or more inches. Otherwise, you will need to exert more time and effort into cutting it.

Lastly, when looking for a battery chainsaw, the weight matters because it affects the ease of usage. The weight of top-rated chainsaw products ranges from 7 lbs to a relatively heavy 22 lbs equipment. Ideally, it should be as light as possible to spare you from unnecessary strain. On the other hand, you can choose to compromise the weight if you want a more powerful chainsaw.

Top Market Products

Most battery chainsaw reviews would agree that Black & Decker’s LCS1240 battery chainsaw has the edge over other products. This 10.4 lbs chainsaw features a 40 V, 12-inch chain which is suitable for cutting small to medium-size branches. Additionally, it also has an automatic oiling system and a tool-free tensioner for convenient adjustment of its chain.

The powerful DeWalt DCCS670X1 also gets raving reviews for its 60V, 16-inch chain, which can cut tree trunks with ease. Its specification borders that of other high-powered chainsaws though it only weighs 12.2 lbs.

Finally, another useful alternative for these top products is the EGO Power+, which can deliver 6300 RPM with its 56 V, 14-inch chain. Though a lesser-known brand, it has additional features such as low-kickback chain, water-resistant chain, a very light 8.3 lbs weight, and a 5-year warranty to match Black & Decker and Dewalt’s products.

When purchasing your first battery chainsaw, make the extra effort of reading reviews first so you can choose the best product for your needs without breaking the bank. With thorough research, you can be sure that you are making the right purchase for your next backyard project.

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