3 Interesting Wood Home Decoration Ideas: All You Need To Know

Nothing spells out the warmth in interior design like wood. Whether you’re looking at a kitchen, a bedroom, a lounge or a bathroom, a dash of woodwork always adds an organic, rich patina to an interior space.

If you want to revamp your interior and this idea tickles your imagination, here are several inventive wood home decoration ideas you can check out.


A Welcoming Entrance

Invite visitors in with a homely and warm-welcoming entrance. In a world that offers countless options when it comes to wooden doors, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the right element, but making the whole picture work is a much harder task. Do you have a front porch to go with the door?

If you want to go with a natural timber texture, you might want to check out something in the shades of caramel or walnut. Cherry tree, in particular, lends itself wonderfully to doors with beautifully harmonious wood staining.

You can also take a look at several door chime options to find what goes well with the door, as well as a welcoming sign – something in earthy tones and done with traditional style. A copper lamp above the door and a row of tall green plants in clay pots complete this picture beautifully.

Turn Your House Into A Fairytale

Some people will rely on wood to create a cozy cottage atmosphere in their interior, and while this is legitimate, you might want to consider going a step further. With an assortment of wooden items and curiosities, you can turn your household, or at the very least one room, into a treasure trove of fairy tales.

Picture a room adorned in chic driftwood shelves that look like something pulled straight out of Snow White, adorned with pinecones and miniature lamps made out of terracotta.

Add a corner-study desk with preserved tree branches for legs, a hollow log repurposed as a bookshelf, and a treasure chest as your storage. You can even find curiosities such as wooden shutters at the local flea market and spend chump change on them.

Just rouse the child inside of you and let your i​​magination run wild. The rustic, outlandish details you’ll be able to conjure up might surprise you!

Go For The Minimalist Organic Aesthetic

Wood can be a solid foundation for gaudy and ornate decor, but what about minimalism? Every ten years or so, a particular style becomes an aesthetic constant that captures the imagination of people around the world. Minimalism has been holding the limelight for unbelievably long now, and it seems that it’s here to stay.

Generic, streamlined minimal decor can often leave us wanting a warmer touch. This is where wood comes in. It can serve as furniture or be part of the room’s own design. Cedar can mesh wonderfully with tranquil minimalist spaces, or you can be bold and create contrasts by combining fiery teak wood with glossy white surfaces.

You can also make a statement by using lacquered wood ornaments (think tree trunks, stumps, and logs) to outline the minimalist space, similar to using larger rocks or boulders in interiors. More than anything else, it’s a bold stylistic statement. 


As a decorative material, wood is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s probably safe to say that this is the first material ancient humans ever used to fashion furniture.

Due to its pliable nature, its ability to be a renewable source, and its temperature-retaining qualities, wood has always been a noble material and a cornerstone of design. All in all, if you decide to turn to wood for your home decoration ideas, you’ll hardly make a mistake.

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