How to Be Successful at Wholesaling Real Estate in Texas

Texas is well-known for its independence and local identity and boasts of one-of-a-kind traditions and history. The Lone Star state has major metropolitan areas, including Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth, which are experiencing substantial economic activities.


The growth rate is crazy in Texas, and many businesses and real estate investors are thriving here. One particular industry that offers a healthy return and is relatively risk-free is wholesaling real estate in Texas.

How Can You Benefit From Wholesaling?

Wholesaling is not about selling a real estate property by itself. Instead, the wholesaler is making deals by selling the ownership of a property through its real estate contract.

Wholesaling is a legal activity. However, you want to be knowledgeable in the rules and regulations of the real estate market to ensure that all your business dealings are per the laws.

You must know how to identify houses available under market value, target buyers, and other investors, and negotiate transactions with the sellers.

Build A Wholesaling Real Estate Business

Many people are making money from wholesaling real estate in Texas. You can be successful in this industry, too, if you have a solid plan in marketing properties to buyers and sellers.

Learn how to identify high values in Texas. Begin to build your buyers list by looking for cash buyers in auctions, REI meetings, etc. It also pays to know the cost of doing repairs in real estate properties in the state.

You need to have an effective strategy in marketing those properties. Try bandit signs, postcards, Craigslist ads, and many others. You will need lots of patience and hard work to make sellers respond to you. At the same time, you should not stop marketing for more buyers.

As soon as the deals start coming in, create a system to follow. Use various techniques to find out what is useful and what is not. Eventually, you can hire people to work for you and to increase productivity. You will be able to run a business in wholesaling real estate in Texas without the need to do everything.

Things To Be Aware Of

In your wholesaling scheme, sell a house with your interest in it or take the title to the property. Introducing a seller and a buyer, and then getting your commission or fee is not the right way to go. This is because the process is known as brokering a property deal, wherein you should have a license for it. As a wholesaler, you either opt for a double close or assign a contract.

Also, when a property closes, be wary of providing leads to other real estate agents or investors in exchange for a fee. When doing this, the industry will also consider you as doing real estate business without a license.

In some cases, you get money through a per-lead basis, regardless of the deal closes or not. It helps if you seek the expert advice of a lawyer to understand more about the legal aspect of wholesaling.


It is essential to invest in building a good list of leads in wholesaling real estate in Texas. Curating and networking your buyers’ list is also beneficial in your success. If you have the will to master the wholesaling process, then the benefits are soon to be on your way.

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