Which Colors Should You Paint Your Home?

Our homes are the backdrops for the most memorable moments in our lives. We start and end nearly every day in them, and they form so much of how the world views us and how we experience the world in return. Color is a part of this view, molding how we feel in individual rooms and which memories get tied to them.

If you're not sure about how to paint the rooms of your home, or you haven't done this before, it may feel like you're staring down a massive project. Don't let yourself put it off! Here are the top choices for every room of your home and the different colors you can use for your life.


Nothing screams peace and tranquility quite like a bedroom! We start and end every day here, slip away to these rooms when we need some peace, and hype ourselves up for the grueling work weeks ahead of us.

The last thing we need from these rooms is bright neon colors to keep our eyes wide open. Although this choice might be fun for a teen's bedroom, most people over the age of 21 tend to need their sleep.

For bedrooms, muted colors like a light lilac can help you sleep and wake up feeling rested. Others may go for a khaki green to help them unwind at the end of the day. Think about what you want from your bedroom, and go with a wall color that helps with that!


From guest bathrooms to master bathrooms, we might want different things for the design of each.  You can achieve a different look with tile or paint, but most people go with a combination of both.  Muted gray color, with a darker tile, could make a room feel more modern and sleep.  

On the other hand, going for a lighter tile and pale green or blue paint could make a bathroom feel larger and cleaner.  Look at your bathroom size and consider if this is supposed to feel like an extension of your bedroom or like an oasis for guests.


There's so much room for creativity in kitchens!  Some people go for fun, kitschy barnhouse looks, while others want crisp white cabinets and countertops to look pristine and high class. What style do you like in your kitchen? 

If you want a fun barnhouse look, you could reach for wallpaper and go from there- but if your home is more modern than that, and you want your kitchen to reflect that, call for a cooler color like pale blue or gray.  You can change the color of any room instead of having to look at Detroit houses for sale when you get restless.

Living Room

These rooms of gathering and relaxation can’t be overlooked!  We get the most out of our living rooms in the evening when we’re unwinding from stressful days.  We need the paint in these rooms to reflect this, but that's not always the case!  Many people choose to mix up their paint choices in their living rooms with accent walls.  Have fun with it and make this room your own!

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