What Type of Padlock is best for Securing Your Storage Unit?


Why You  Need Your Own Padlock?

When you rent a storage unit, even if your storage facility has the best security mechanisms money can buy, the people who manage it will encourage you to buy your own padlocks.

This makes sense. The average storage facility has several dozen units to protect and they cannot keep an eye on every single one of them. So you have to play a more proactive role in the protection of your valuables.

Now that you understand why you need to buy padlocks for your storage unit, you have to think about the types of padlocks on the market.

What Type of Padlock is best for Securing My Storage Unit?

Now that you understand why you need to buy padlocks for your storage unit, you have to think about the types of padlocks on the market.

The word ‘padlock’ is often used to encompass various types of locks each of which brings its own attributes to the table. They include:

The Padlock

You were just told above that ‘padlock’ is a general term that can refer to various types of locks for your storage unit. However, there is a specific type of lock that people call a padlock.

It is actually the most common type of lock in the world. Some people call it a cylinder lock because it has pins which you have to manipulate using a key to open it.

Padlocks can be open shackled or close shackled. If a padlock has an open shackle, then the shackle (the u-shaped metal that slides into the main body of the padlock) is exposed. An exposed shackle is an easy target for bolt cutters.

With closed shackle locks, the shackle is still present. However, it is not only shorter and thicker but also protected by a special casing. Not only does the thickness of the shackle make it harder to cut but a thief will have a more difficult time finding a spot on the shackle to cut.

When people say that padlocks are too vulnerable, they are talking about open shackle padlocks.

Combination Locks

Combination locks are interesting. They look just like normal padlocks. Most of them have an open shackle. However, rather than a hole for your key, they have a combination mechanism.

To open them, you need to enter a series of number. Padlocks are dangerous because they are easy to re-key. A skilled burglar can also pick a padlock with relative ease.

This isn’t even taking into account the possibility of the thief stealing your key. Combination locks eliminate the need for physical keys. The key is the combination which you keep in your head.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are amazing. They are relatively small, round devices with a small arc for a shackle. In a way, they look like padlocks but a thief can’t access the shackle to cut it. There is also little hope of overcoming the disc lock’s body with a hammer.

You need a grinder to break a disc lock. Grinders are difficult tools to wield because they make quite a bit of noise.

Disc locks are not just a problem for thieves. If you lose your keys, you will also struggle to access your storage unit. Fortunately, you’re not a thief, so you won’t care that the grinder you have to use is making so much noise.


If you want to keep your storage unit safe, a disc lock is your best bet. The combination lock is convenient. But it has its weaknesses. If a thief can’t hack your combination, there are tools they can use to physically force the lock open.

A disc lock is like a small tank. You have to make a lot of noise to break it, and that is perfect for a storage unit which has a security guard just around the corner.

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