What Type Of Frosted Glass Be Used As Home Exterior Décor

In the world that we are today, innovation has taken over a lot of activities. One of those things, it has tried to change to make the world a better place, is the area of glass. People now use different kinds of glasses for decorations, glasses that we mean is not the one you put on to prevent your eyes or help you see clearly but the types of glass that help to make your house look beautiful.

Among those glasses is frosted glass; it is a modernized use of glass to beautify a home. In this short piece, we shall be taking a look at its various types, how to use it for exterior decoration, its relationship with Acid Etch glass, and so on.

Types And Styles Used For Exterior Designs

Energy-Efficient Glass

If you are the type that has a high taste for design, this type of glass will give you a modern home look, and make your house look good. Decorators mostly use it as exterior decorative purposes. It is eco-friendly and prevents heat from penetrating the house both during the winter and summer period.

It is also a tool that helps to minimize waste of energy and reduces costs dramatically.

Patterned Glass

It is another type of glass interior designers call textured glass or decorative glass. They call it decorative glass because it has a wide range of patterns on its body.

Designers use it for diffusion rather than making it block the entire viewing of an object. Most homeowners prefer this style of glass; it enhances privacy at the highest level.

Clear Glass

When you look to have a plain glass with almost no design, clear glass is all that you need. All glass was once clear glasses, too, before designers made it go through so many other processes to make it a frosted glass. Nevertheless, a clear glass does not mean a small frosted design does not come with it. It is not everything dull; it has little plans that make it a good option for exterior use.

The best places you can find this kind of glass are in the banking hall where some parts of it will be covered, and a majority of this glass is exposed to the public to see who is attending to customers and staff that are lazy at work.

Acoustic Glass

The next kind of glass we shall be looking at good for exterior decoration is Acoustic glass. Most of the time, it usually consists of two sheets except for essential purposes when more sheets are relevant. The primary reason for having different layers is to prevent or control noise.

If your house or office is close to the airport, the acoustic glass will serve as a great tool to help you manage the sound of aircraft so that you will not feel so much of the noise and the normal activities of your office goes normal. It is no doubt the best for homes located in a crowded environment.

Differences Between The Etched Glasses & Frosted Glasses

These two categories of glass decoration are generic when it comes to decorating a glass. They are nothing but common terms for decoration, the translucent systems capable of obscuring visibilities yet giving a chance to pass-through the diffuse light.

The glass etching means that we are trying to create a decorative effect by altering the glass surface. Its purpose of design is to come out in the form of artwork, most notably decorative sample of lettering.

Making a glass frost is glass surfer changing from transparent to the translucent process, so it can create different styles and decorations like, opaque, or make glass have a cloudy look. There are two processes to make a glass frost; it is by acid etching or by sandblasting. All systems of creating designs on a glass (frosting and etching) are useful in the commercial areas of designing a glass.

That is, they are common in commercial buildings such as offices, financial institutions, or noisy areas. They are suitable for internal purposes, too; we can find them in interior spaces such as glass partitions, glass balustrades, bathroom, and kitchens.

How To Produce The Etched And Frosted Glasses

Glass frosting and etching are particular for commercial purposes. They are achieved in two ways; it is the plain glass is etched or is sandblasted. Process you choose out of the two design methods is what will determine the end look of your glass or determine the kind of design you will have on your glass. Let’s take a brief look at the two systems of designing a glass.

Acid-Etch Glass

Sometimes called French embossing, it’s one of the oldest forms of decorating glass. The craftsmen were the ones that discovered this system, and they realized that if you combine the following heating a dark green ore that produces hydrofluoric acid called fluorite together, you will arrive at an acid-etched glass.


The only way and easy way to frost glass are through sandblasting. It is done on the glass either by hand or by machine but requires the blasting of sand particles at high-pressure on the glasses, that is, in turn, helps to erode the glass surface.

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Ordering a Frosted Glass

The first step to take when ordering a frosted glass is to know the opacity that you want. At 0%, it means you want entirely clear glass, while 100% gives you a maximum opacity glass design.

There is no need for panic as the opacity process is easy and simple, during the process of applying opacity; you could determine the start and endpoints of the opacity level you prefer. Most of the time, what you want to use the glass for is what will determine the opacity’s level that you will apply to the glass and the amount of light needed to make the design look attractive.

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