What to Do with Your Corner Window 

Corner windows provide an excellent source of outdoor views and natural lighting in residential spaces. However, they can be challenging to decorate when considering treating the windows with coverings. 


Not all types of window treatments suit corner windows. First, you must establish your functional and aesthetic preferences before buying window treatment for corner windows.

Use Drapes to Mirror the Space

Custom drapes are excellent options for corner window treatment, primarily when used to create a mirror image for every window. Drapes add the perfect symmetry element, and you decide which one to leave open.

Use Valances

If you have large and tall corner windows, you would be better off hanging valances if you don’t intend to cover the entire window height. 

Look for a heavy fabric with tassels and loops as it will create an illusion of a smooth turn, which provides a rational appearance to your entire set of windows. Valances also add a visual appeal to your room décor.

Dining Nooks

A corner window is an ideal space to have meals. Use an upholstered windowsill for a seat or build in a banquette seating. Add more chairs if required and a dining table, and you’ll have your dining nook. This will provide plenty of natural light, excellent views and a welcome meal space.

Built-in Window Seat

This is a perfect solution for tight living corners. You can create a space to curl up while reading, other than your bed. Try and use velvet upholstery to provide comfort and formal touch. The wall bracket also helps save space and still get the job done.

Hang Sheer Curtains

As corner windows let in plenty of light inside the home depending on its location, do not restrict natural light with heavy drapery. Take the windows as a single unit to develop a unifying appearance using sheer curtains. These types of curtains are decorative, airy, and available in various patterns and colors to suit all living area styles. 

You will also get some privacy without limiting the intensity of incoming light.

Install Blinds

Vertical blinds make a great option if you have a small wall gap between the windows. Subject to preference, you may opt for an outside or inside mount mechanism. But, in the absence of a wall gap between the corner windows, you can use a Venetian or an inside roller blind. Each provides a beautiful appearance for your windows and the entire room.

Corner Window Desks

Desk space on a corner window is as adequate as comfy seating. You will get inspired by the excellent views while working. Build a corner window desk into the wall to seamlessly blend it with the space. Take advantage of the window’s L-shape and install a similarly shaped desk. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out.


Plants are the next best option when the window space cannot fit a chair or a desk. If you have a crowded room, use a simple plant to create the perfect accent against the background of tall drapery.

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