What Size Air Compressor For Impact Wrench? 5 Interesting Q&As You Need To Know

Having the right tool for each job is extremely important if you plan to finish the job effectively and in the given time. And impact wrench is one such tool which although finds a wide range of application in many industries and houses but is often used mistakenly.

If you are in the process of finding the best air compressor for your impact wrench but are wondering what size air compressor for impact wrench would be most convenient, we just got you covered.


5 Interesting Q&As About Air Compressor For Impact Wrench You Need To Know

Q1: How An Impact Wrench Works?

Answer :

Impact wrench came as a boon to workers in many industries like automobile industry, construction industry, product manufacturing industry and the likes. It is designed to deliver high torque without causing the user to exert too much. This is achieved by storing energy in a rotating mass and then transferring the energy suddenly to the output shaft.

An impact wrench can provide more torque when compared to the impact drivers even though both the impact driver and the impact wrench work on the same principle. There are many varieties and models of impact wrench available in the market today. Most of these models are powered using compressed air even though other models are also available.

So when you are using an impact wrench that runs on compressed gas, it is only natural to feel questions about the gas used and the mechanism of its working. For example, how much air does an impact wrench require to work or what size air compressor to use with you impact wrench? We have tried to answer some of these questions and we hope that you find it helpful.

Q2: Why Are Air Tools Better?

Answer :

Before we begin talking about how much compressed air is required for your impact wrench to function effectively, let us see why air powered tools are better and more effective than their various other counterparts.

  • Air tools last longer than the other models
  • Air tools come with variable torque and speed control
  • ​No risk of contaminants in the case of leaking. They are safer to use in most conditions and around children
  • The higher power to weight ratio of air tools make it easier and less tiring to use
  • The air tools are cooler and do not heat
  • There is no fire or electric hazard associated with these tools

Q3: How Air Compressors Function?

Answer :

The air powered tools get their energy from the compressed air. Choosing an air compressor is dependent on the location where you will use the air compressor and the power requirement of the user. Depending on the location and portability, there are 2 types of air compressors:

  • Portable air compressor: They are portable and can be used to provide compressed air anywhere on demand.

  • Stationary air compressors : Stationary air compressors cannot be moved from one place to other as they are big and heavy. They can produce a great deal of compressed air to power your tools.

Q4: How To Choose An Air Compressor For Your Impact Wrench?

Answer :

Now that we have seen about the different factors, advantages, and types of air compressors, it is time to answer the question on what size air compressor to use with your impact wrench. To answer this question, it is important to know the airflow required.

​The compressors are measured in 2 ways, PSI or pound per square inch and CFM or cubic feet per meter. The CFM is the amount of air that has to pass through the tool for it to function efficiently. When choosing a right air compressor, it is important to find the required air flow requirements of your impact wrench.

​It is always better to choose a compressor that can provide 1.25 or 1.5 times more air flow than the required minimum for proper functioning. Different types of impact wrench run on different values of air flow.

  • A ½ inch impact wrench requires 5.0 CFM at 90 PSI of air flow rate, so it is essential to use an air compressor that can provide 6.25 to 7.5 CFM of air flow at 90 PSI for maximum efficiency.
  • Whereas a ¾ inch impact wrench requires up to 7.0 CFM of air flow rate at 90 PSI to work. There it is ideal to use an air compressor that can provide 8.75 to 10.5 CFM at 90 PSI.

These might change depending on the tool or the brand and therefore it is important to check and read the specifications of the tool before using it. Also, most air compressors have a cut of at 100 PSI. Air powered tools work most efficiently in the range of 80 to 100 PSI.

Q5: What Are The Other Factors That Decide The Air Compressor To Use With Your Impact Wrench?

Answer :

Another factor that decides the most suitable air compressor is the tank size. The tank size of the air compressors is measured in gallons. The tank size of the air compressor is dependent on the amount to air to be released. If you require a long burst of compressed air to keep your tool running, a large tank is essential, otherwise, a small tank sized air compressor can also do the job.

​It is also important to determine if you require a single stage or double stage air compressor for your tools. The single and double stage of the air compressor is a reference to the compressor pump used in the air compressor. A single stage compressor can provide up to 100 PSI whereas the double stage compressor can be used to provide more than 100 PSI. So, it is important to know which kind of air compressor to use with your impact wrench for maximum efficiency.

Wrapping Up

A good worker understands the importance of ideal tool for maximum efficiency and speed. And a good impact wrench requires an air compressor to work properly. A tool is only as good as its power source. So it is important to find the right sized air compressor to work with your impact wrench.

It is essential to know about the air flow and other requirements of your impact wrench. It is also true for all other types of machines or tools that are powered with the help of compressed air.

I hope that this article has helped you in understanding the working of an air compressor and would have answered your concerns regarding the correct size of the air compressor to use with your impact wrench. With the growing popularity and affordability of impact wrenches, it is important to know about its working and the necessary condition for it to work.

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