5 Handy Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Space Nice & Clean

When it comes to the upkeep of their entire property, homeowners usually don’t even bother cleaning their outdoor areas and focus only on regularly dusting and cleaning the inside of the house. Although all the pathways, benches, and archways outside are highly susceptible to the elements that does not mean that you should let them fall to disrepair.


Cleaning is intricately tied to maintenance and only proper maintenance ensures that all three fixtures in your backyard are safe to use. What is more, the cleaning process can be carried out without the use of chemicals since eco-cleaning is the new hype in home ownership.

Let the Water Flow

One of the biggest sources of pollution inside your yard is water. Well, not water itself but the dirt and debris it carries. Rainwater and melting snow basically clean the roof of your house, washing down all the muck through the gutters and into the drains in the ground. In theory, this process should go without a hitch but once the drains get clogged, the water will put out and flood the garden.

ways to keep your outdoor space nice and clean

After it starts flowing again, you are left with mud in the yard and layers of dirt on the walls, chairs, tables; you name it! This is the main reason why you need to inspect the gutters and drains for mini dams that were formed by falling leaves in fall.

A Place For the Children to Play at

An integral part of any house’s outdoor area are playgrounds for children. Some families have a single swing or a sandbox, while others own full-scale playhouses. Whatever it is that puts a smile on your child’s face outside, you need to keep it exceptionally clean and germ-free. Most of the toys outside can be cleaned using warm water and soap by scrubbing the surfaces hard.

ways to keep your outdoor space nice and clean

The aforementioned sandbox should be covered during the period of the year it is disused and pet droppings and trash must be kept far away from it. You can change the sand if you notice that the current batch has become soiled. If you own a swimming pool, the same rules apply to it, as you need to keep it covered during winter and clean the pool water regularly during summer.  

Finally, scrubbing play equipment like slides and swings should be done before each new play session.

A Full Clean-Up

Springtime is ideal for hardworking homeowners who set about cleaning their outdoor space. However, after a few hours of unclogging, scrubbing, and washing, they realize that they have bitten more than they can chew. Regardless of how enthusiastic and diligent you are, you simply lack the knowledge of which eco-friendly chemicals to use and your mops cannot reach every nook and cranny of the backyard.

ways to keep your outdoor space nice and clean

No wonder then that there are exterior house cleaning services around who are experienced at this sort of work and they use natural cleaning solutions. If you are aiming for a full clean-up of your outdoor living area, then it might be wise to give professionals a call before you realize that you are not up for the task after all.

A Window Into the Garden

One area of your house that belongs both to the interior and the exterior are the windows. You probably regularly clean the windows on the front façade of your house but the back windows usually get neglected.

ways to keep your outdoor space nice and clean

However, no garden can be considered clean if the kitchen or bedroom windows facing it are mucky. All you need for pristinely clean windows looking into the garden is a bar of mild soap and a soft lint cloth, so there is no residue left on the glass after wiping.

Putting Out the Fire

If you own a fire pit or a grill in the backyard, then you probably already know that they must be cleaned regularly. In fact, the grill should be scrubbed right after it cools down since the grease and oil are less sticky then. Opt out of strong abrasive cleaning agents, as a simple mixture of baking soda and lemon juice can do wonders for degreasing the dirtiest of grills.

ways to keep your outdoor space nice and clean

When it comes to the fire pit, after each bonfire you should remove the ashes and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. You can put the ashes in the garden around those plant species that naturally grow on the sides of volcanoes.  Furthermore, you can add the ash to home compost if you own an organic garden.

These are just some of the handiest ways to keep your outdoor space nice and clean during all seasons. If you are eco-aware, then don’t forget to use natural cleaning solutions in order to help preserve the environment.


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