5 Reasons to Use Propane Gas Instead of Other Alternatives

While propane gas isn’t necessarily the first energy source that comes to mind, you should not overlook it. There are some good reasons to use propane as opposed to other alternatives. In this article, we look at why that is the case.


Affordable Energy for the Home

It is less understood by homeowners that propane is less costly than electricity. Sometimes, by as much as 30 percent when finding a good supplier of Orlando propane gas.

It’s always best to choose a local company that has been in business for many years. This way, you know they have a sustainable supply and won’t let you down in a pinch. Discount Propane INC has provided reliable propane to residents in Orlando for over 30 years and understands why service levels are important.

Domestic Energy Supply That’s Safer for the Environment

Unlike petroleum, which may be sourced outside the United States, propane gas mostly originates from a domestic source. As such, it provides for greater energy independence compared to an overreliance on gasoline derived from internationally sourced crude oil.

Along with reducing energy dependence, propane is one of the fuel sources listed in the Clean Air Act (1990). This cleaner energy source has fewer pollutants, unlike gasoline which would otherwise get released into the local air supply and up into the atmosphere. It isn’t toxic, doesn’t pool on the ground in a spill, and lacks the residues that are so damaging to the environment.

Backup Energy for When the Power Cuts Out

It’s possible to get local or regional power cuts which can be a disaster for homeowners unprepared to live in darkness. Even using candles temporarily does little for the provision of essential services like heating, cooking, and more.

A standby gallon of propane gas provides a long-term backup energy solution for the home. While a tank should only be filled to 75-80% of its maximum capacity to allow for expansion, it’s good to know that it delivers around 91,000 BTUs or approximately 27 kilowatts of electricity when using a generator to do so.

Quicker Heat Source Compared to Electricity

Propane can be used to heat a water tank to provide hot water for radiators, a shower, a bath, or other purposes.

Whereas propane will often heat a full tank of water in just 20 or so minutes, doing so with electricity could require an hour. For homeowners, the extra wait is not fantastic and can be avoided through the use of alternative fuels.

Easy to Use

Propane gas is an energy source that is easier to use and handle than other alternatives.

As long as you pay attention to what’s required to stay safe during its usage, then it’s an excellent fuel source. Because the gas cylinders come in many convenient shapes and sizes, it’s possible to get one or more bottles to fit into a storage location more easily, and they aren’t overly heavy either.

Since its discovery in 1910 and broader use from the 1920s, propane gas has been a consistent fuel source for homeowners. Its affordability is also a good argument for its broader use too.

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