7 Unique Hardscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

In an American setting, having a backyard is considered to be hallowed ground. Being able to enjoy grilling, barbecues, pool during the long summer season deeply rooted in the American household. Having a backyard is part of owning a house, and making the area functional is one of the goals of homeowners.


In backyard remodeling, focusing on landscaping is not enough. Most of the time, homeowners forget to integrate decorative concrete elements to improve the aesthetics and functionality of their backyard. Fortunately, more concrete contractors such as cincinnaticoncreteartisans.com offer affordable and high-quality decorative concrete services.

Incorporating hardscaping elements for your backyard will increase the value of your property. Hardscaping is the process of creating solid structures by using materials such as stones, concrete, aggregates, and others. Doing so will help to maximize the function of the area and improve its aesthetics. It also requires minimal maintenance compared to soft scaping, which involves more cleaning and maintenance routine since it involves flowering and growing plants.

If you want to create more space in your backyard for an added recreation or place some furniture in your favorite area, then hardscaping could help you achieve your desired outcome. Any customization ideas you have should be discussed with a professional concrete contractor for accurate planning and quality results. Some of the unique hardscaping ideas for your backyard include the following:

Install Some Terraces

Don’t just work on one corner or dimension of your backyard. You can choose to install terraces in a different dimension of your backyard to make the look of your plants more presentable. Talk to your installer regarding the perfect width, depth, and height suitable for your backyard.

Incorporate Pocket Gardens

If you love to grow and flower a garden, consider incorporating pocket gardens into your backyards. To have this, ask your concrete contractor to leave empty concrete spaces so you can build your mini garden. Incorporating pocket gardens to your backyards would help in adding color to your backyard, making the area more presentable.

Add Some Water Features

If you have an extra budget, you can add some water features such as fountains next to your hardscaping and landscaping. Fountains come in different types and sizes. You would surely find what’s suitable for your backyard or your pool area.

Some water features designs include incorporating classic Greco-Roman or unique contemporary. Adding a water feature to your backyard helps you relax and would soothe you while you hear the rushing water.

Improve Pool Decks or Patio Area

It has been an American tradition to spend time in their backyards, but it is much better if they have their very own pool deck or patio area to enjoy and spend their time relaxing. If you want to conveniently stay beside your pool, installing or improving your existing pool deck or patio area would be a great option. It would surely enhance the look of your home’s aesthetics, which you will enjoy for many years to come.
Choosing to resurface or install a new pool deck area comes with a variety of stamped concrete designs and color finishes to choose from. It can mimic traditional outdoor surfaces such as brick, cobblestone, flagstone, wood, and many more. Making your patio area raised could be an ideal choice, this will allow you to have a better view of your garden or the landscaping area at your backyard. 

Stamped Concrete Designs

In the past years, when you say concrete people think of dull-looking floors, but through the years, the use of concrete has been modernized. Concrete contractors can now stamp imprinted flooring designs on a newly poured concrete or an overlay, giving your outdoor surfaces stylish flooring that’s durable and long-lasting. Patterns, colors, and designs come in a variety of options to choose from.

Beautify Driveways

Most driveways are located at their backyards, making it part of their back lawn, or it can also be at your front yard. You can improve the look of your driveways by adding stone pillars, incorporating stamped concrete or decorative boulders. By simply doing so, it makes your entire backyard or front yard more appealing.

Make Walkways Durable

After incorporating some hardscaping structures in your outdoor spaces, make sure your walkways are interconnecting and have a durable finish. Some of the best ways to make it durable are installing stone or stamped concrete pathways. These options are the best choice for pathways because they could bear heavy foot traffic and adds aesthetic appeal, which would compliment your home’s existing design.
In recent years up to the present, improving the look of exterior spaces has been a popular choice of homeowners. According to surveys, 64% of homeowners are focusing more on improving their outdoor spaces. 58% of them say that improving outdoor spaces are substantial. 

If you are planning to upgrade the look of your outdoor spaces, consider the unique hardscaping ideas mentioned above.

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