Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

For most homeowners, their living room is the center of their home. It’s where the family spends time together, where you can relax after work and create unforgettable memories! That’s why you deserve to have a living room that will tend to all your needs and look attractive.

Luckily, with a simple remodel you can create a space that will give you everything you’ve always wanted from a living space. Here’s where to start, what to consider and how to manage your budget.

Do Your Research

The best way to have a successful remodel is to do your research and collect a lot of information, knowledge and inspiration, especially if you’re planning to tear down some walls or add extra space to your living room.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

A good renovation project isn’t a race—it takes time and knowledge to realize ideas and pick your projects. But, once you plan everything and know what you’re doing, you’ll have a regret-free remodel and a finished product that is beautiful, practical and safe.

Plan For The Future

In order to have a successful remodel, you must think long-term. Unless you’re ready to have a complete remodel every few years, make sure to think about your future.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

Are you planning to add another family member to the mix? Are your kids getting ready to leave the nest? Do you want to take care of your aging parents in the future? All of these things will shape the direction of your remodel and make your living room functional and comfortable for many years to come.

Determine What You Don’t Like About Your Current Space

There are probably many reasons why you decided to get a living room remodel. The layout might not fit your family, your space might be too dark, or you can’t decorate it in a style you like.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

Whatever the issue is, you must take note of these living room shortages and fix them during your remodel! Don’t neglect them and expect to end up with a space you like. Until you get rid of these imperfections, you’ll never be satisfied with your living room.

Consider Your Budget

Many people start their renovation without considering their budget. Others just count in new furniture and decoration and forget about floor buffing, fresh paint and various other finishes that also have an impact on the budget. Sure, if money’s not an issue, you can be as free and loose with your budget, but if you have to watch your wallet, you better stick to your predicted expenses.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

You can also try to find less-expensive options of lux items you want. Often you can find off-brand things for half the price only if you do some digging. Another thing people usually forget when summing up renovation costs is unexpected expenses. Add at least 20% to your reno budget and you’ll be ready if you come across some termite damage, mold or dry rot!

Boost Luxury

If you really want to make a difference and make your living room comfortable, you must invest in a few lux items! You can invest in an original art piece that will definitely leave a big impression and set the whole vibe of the space.

On the other hand, comfort might be the biggest luxury of all, so make sure to boost coziness in your living room. Think comfy and spacious sofas that are perfect for morning coffee, afternoon naps and movie nights with family and friends.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

You can also invest in a good air conditioning, especially if you live somewhere hot like Australia. Luckily, there are true experts in air conditioning in Sydney who work with trusted manufacturers and can conduct your installation in a blink of an eye.

This way, no matter how relentless the Aussie temperatures are, you’ll always be cool in your new living room!

Improve Your Color Palette

One of the easiest ways to make your space more modern and cozy is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Today, there are practically no rules when it comes to living room colors: you can go off-white for a minimalist and timeless look, pick a nice pastel for a relaxing vibe or go dark for a contemporary and bold ambiance.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

Give Your Space Some Light

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

Make sure to give your new living room plenty of natural light and layered artificial illumination. Well-lit spaces will automatically look fresher, more stylish and more comfortable. So, try to install bigger windows or even skylights to light up the interior rooms.

Add some stylish task lighting (floor lamps are especially popular today) and boost your general lighting with a statement ceiling light or a hanging pendant. You’ll be very surprised how big of a difference lighting makes in a living space!

Don’t Forget The Greenery

No matter how clumsy you are with plants, adding some greenery to your living room can really improve the whole vibe of the room. It will not only add some color to your room, but also filter that air, enrich it with fresh oxygen and have a positive impact on your health.

Ultimate Guide to a Successful Living Room Remodel

If you gather plenty of renovation knowledge, a proper budget and include a few interior design tricks in your space, you’ll have a living room that will not only be cozy and practical, but also breathtakingly beautiful!

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