Top 10 Home Décor Tips You Should Know

If you’re considering relocating to a new home or giving your home a fresh look by redecorating it, this article is just for you.

Here’s why: with the right information- which gives you both inspiration and guidance, decorating your home would be a walk in the park, and you would derive joy and maximum fun from beautifying your house.


With that in mind, we have created a list of 10 home decor tips to guide you as you embark on this highly rewarding adventure:

Know Your Style

Our minds are designed to create really amazing pictures, via the art of imagination. You would likely fall under the category of individuals who have participated in home decoration in the past or the other group of individuals for whom this is the first-time of engaging in such.

Choosing a style that suits your purpose shouldn’t be so difficult if you’ve had previous experience with it, but if this is your first time, this article will guide your thought processes (even for the experienced decorator, it will give you new ideas!)

Want A Mix Of Traditional Classical Lines And Modern Colors And Furnishings?

Go Transitional

Ever wanted a room with soft lines and comfortable furnishings; or do you just have a thing for neutral colors? If yes, you should probably go with the transitional style of design. The style is less bold and definitely different from what you will find in a contemporary space. Here, neutrals are the order of the day.

Since color palettes tend to follow the contemporary style, only a few colors are integrated into the overall décor. In short, the transitional style combines both, masculine and feminine designs in a timeless and elegant manner.

As A Rule of Thumb, Biggest Items Come First

Most people don’t lack ideas with regards to decorating their homes, the real problem is choosing which spot to begin from. How about we solve that?

When it comes to decorations, it is a general rule of thumb that the biggest and most conspicuous items in a space or area should come first. This is because they are more visible to the eye, and irregularities are easily noticed on conspicuous items.

From there, you can work your way down to other smaller and less conspicuous items. For instance, in your dining room, start with the dining table. In your bedroom, begin with choosing good bed sheets for your bed. In your living room, adorn your sofa first.

Guests judge your decorations based on what they see first- the most obvious items. This is why it is important to give special attention to these large pieces.

Do Not Forget Your House’s Scent

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the material adornment of your home; getting colors to match or placing artwork at strategic points, that you forget to put how the house smells into consideration. Yet, it remains an essential decoration element which has an impact on how guests- and even you, perceive the house.

Remember To Include A Fireplace

Fireplaces give you the chance to travel back in time; a timeless motif. Aside from serving as a means of decoration, it also serves as a channel of heat dispensation; so winter needs not to catch you unaware.

What can be compared to the warmth created by fireplaces? Nothing!

However, fireplaces, by nature, are not very efficient. This is why you need a fireplace insert, as fireplace inserts are built to increase a fireplace’s efficiency. Basically, a fireplace insert is a fireplace box made of steel or iron, fronted by an insulated glass. It helps create a closed combustion system. If you are not a fan of live fires, infrared fireplaces were made for you, and your choice is made easier by the myriad of  infrared fireplace inserts available.

Don’t Ignore The Lights

Lighting a room seems very simple- all you’ve got to do is connect the electricity, buy a bulb, flip the switch and Presto! The lights are on- as bright as ever. However, when it comes to home decorations, light intensity should not be mistaken for light brilliance.

Light brilliance has more to do with proper positioning than brightness. You place a bulb in the wrong spot and you might be creating more of a problem than a solution!

For instance, if kitchen lights are placed at the edge of the counter, when you stand at the counter to work, you end up casting a shadow on the exact place where you need the light. Isn’t that an act of genius?

If you need more help with this, consult a home décor expert on how to position your light.

Get Artworks

Whether it be culture, traditions, or mere creativity; artworks are very good at portraying your desired theme; creating varied impressions on different personas. This is why when you’re shopping for artworks, you need to choose ones that aren’t just pleasing to the eyes, but also fits your personality.

Something unique about artworks is their ability to last for ages and so you get to pass them onto your children!

Set The Tone At The Front Door

Undoubtedly, the front door is the first thing a guest encounters in your home. It would be great to set the mood right from the onset. If you want your front door to give a wonderful first impression, paint it with a fun, glossy hue.

A Mirror For Each Room

Mirrors are very important when it comes to maintaining the brightness of a room- they bounce light around a room. Yet, you have to place them strategically to avoid doing more harm than good.

Do not place your mirrors directly opposite the windows, as incoming light would end up being bounced outside the window. Instead, keep them perpendicular to the incoming source of light. Remember this, and your mirrors would complement your home decor with class!

Welcome The Sun- Let It Shine In

The sun brings with it, a sense of completeness and perfection. It is the icing on the cake of whatever decorations you embark on in your home. So, don’t forget to give it a chance to beautify your home!

However, if your hoe is exposed to a lot of sun, ensure you use light colors that won’t fade easily on your walls.

Of course, you should use appropriate window dressings. These dressings should be both functional and elegant- a perfect mix of adornment.

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