3 Tips For Cleaning The Exterior Of Your Home

While you might focus the vast majority of your time spent cleaning on the interior of your home, the exterior of your home also needs some attention given to it. Not only will this help make your home look more well kept, but it can also help you to know if and when something needs more work done to keep your home safe and protected.


So if you haven’t spent much time on the exterior of your home, here are three tips for cleaning the exterior of a house.

Start From The Top

As with cleaning anything, it’s best to start at the top of your home and work your way down. This way, if anything from the tops makes a mess as you’re cleaning it, it will fall to a part of your home that you haven’t already spent time cleaning.

When starting from the top of the exterior of your home, you’ll want to get up on the roof to clean off anything that might be sitting up there. You can also take advantage of being on the roof to check that everything looks as it should. Then, as you move down to the gutters and then the siding and windows of your home, you can clean as you go. When you reach the ground, you should then clean any porches or patios you have as well as spruce up the ground around the foundation of your home.

Take Care When Pressure Washing

One item that you might want to make use of as you clean the exterior of your house is a pressure washer. With a pressure washer, you can quickly and easily clean things off of your home that you may not have been able to accomplish when washing by hand. However, you’ll want to be very careful if you choose to use a pressure washer.

While a pressure washer can be a great way to get your siding to look like new, if you don’t use the pressure washer correctly, you could wind up causing damage to the exterior of your home. So as a good rule of thumb, make sure you always keep the flow of water moving so that it doesn’t cause too much damage in one spot or peel off paint. 

Bring Your Vacuum Outside With You

Although you might think of your vacuum as a tool that you use when cleaning the inside of your house, you can use your vacuum when cleaning the exterior of your house as well. Especially when you get to the windows, using a vacuum attachment to easily get into the nooks and crannies as well as cleaning the window screens can help this task go much quicker.

If you’re going to be cleaning up the exterior of your home soon, considers using the tips mentioned above to help you do so successfully.

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