5 Things to Consider when Moving House: All You Need To Know

Moving house is deemed one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your lifetime. The endless paperwork, countless delays, constant rising costs… thinking of it that way, is it any wonder your blood pressure is sky high just thinking about it?


5 Things to Consider when Moving House: All You Need To Know

Fixtures and Fittings

Prior to moving, ask the current residents for an inventory. This will determine what will be left there and what they will take. Use this as a basis for knowing the urgent things you will need to sort when you move into your new abode. Try to prioritise needs versus wants otherwise you will rush to buy things and a few months down the line, may change your mind.

Window Coverings

When you move into a new property, the obvious thought it about the big things. For example, you may well be considering exactly where the furniture is going to go. Additionally, you’ll probably be making sure that all the boxes have been placed into the correct rooms. 

However, do consider window coverings and how important they are, particular in the bedrooms. If you don’t have curtains, how will you sleep on the first night? This is especially an issue during the summer months when the sun rises much earlier.


Are you taking the bed with you? If you’re buying a larger property, you may be contemplating increasing the size of your bed too. Before splashing out on a new bed and accompanying mattress, make sure to determine the exact size you need. See here for mattress size dimensions, which are vital.

Make sure you pack your bedding in your car rather than a box in the moving van. A comfortable night’s sleep after a stressful day will be appreciated.


Walking around a new home barefoot can be blissful. However, if the existing flooring leaves a lot to be desired, then perhaps it won’t be quite so lovely. Finances are often tight during the moving process, so consider hiring a carpet cleaner to get rid of the unsavory dirt and mites trapped in the fibres.

Alternatively, if you are moving into a home with exposed floorboards or even laminate flooring, make sure you give it a proper scrub before putting the furniture in. If there is a lot of cleaning to be done, consider paying for a one-off deep clean using a local cleaning company.


Prior to moving in, check out what utilities the property is currently connected to. Give the providers a ring to check if they are able to reconnect you on the day you move in. Electricity will be your primary need. Parents to teenagers will know how important access to the Internet is.

Furthermore, if you need to work from home during this moving period, it will be vital to connect. Don’t forget to inform your utility providers for the property you’re leaving too!

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