Tempered Glass Shelves: Wall Decorating Ideas Using Tempered Glass

Tempered glass shelves are not only functional but can also bring an element of beauty to your home. They can be used throughout your home in any room and even though they are kept in place with sturdy brackets, these glass shelves appear to float seamlessly.


Shelves made from tempered glass are durable and safe. Besides being available in many pre-cut shapes and sizes, they can also be custom cut to your specifications.

Beautifully Designed Curved Wall Shelf for Small Luxury Items

Curved wall shelves are made from tempered glass and the designs available are perfect for displaying small luxury items in a living room, bedroom, study, or bathroom. Whether you want a clear or colored surface, you can create a lovely corner by either using one shelf or by creating a design with any number of shelves, according to the needs of your display.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, you can buy curved wall tempered glass shelves in clear, bronze, and grey. They are ready to install in any design and come with sturdy chrome brackets. Checkout this guide to know your glass is tempered or not.

Trophy Shelves to Display your Historical Achievements

You take pride in your hard-earned trophies and don’t want to hide them in an enclosed space where they are hard to see. No matter what the activity is that you have worked hard to achieve them, your trophies can be beautifully displayed in any room of your choice.

According to the number of trophies you have, and the space available, you can make up a beautiful corner or wall with tempered glazing to create your trophy display.

If you have chosen a corner of a study or living area, you have the option of displaying your trophies on a few rows of triangle or quarter circle glass shelves.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, you can choose between any number of triangular and quarter glass shelves for corners in various sizes, or choose between the Momento Glass Shelf Kit that measures 6 ½” X 12” or the Trophy Glass Shelf Kit that measures 8” X 8”. All these shelve kits are ready to install with chrome brackets.

Bent Glass Shelves for Placing Novels and Books in an Appropriate Manner

Bent Glass Shelves are available in several styles and can be used as displays for any number of things. They are also very practical when used in tiny bathrooms instead of a cabinet.

The Bent Glass Shelf and Wave Style Shelf are mostly used for displays, but the bathroom glass shelf that comes with a chrome towel bar is great for keeping all your bottles safely without them being accidentally knocked over or the shelf can be installed with the chrome towel bar at the bottom to conveniently hold a towel.

If you want to display your books, magazines, DVDs, or CDs in an orderly and neat manner, then the Bent Glass Shelf Chase series of ¼” thick shelves with brackets from Fab Glass and Mirror is ideal. You can either fit one shelf or create a display of a few on a wall to hold your collections.

Rectangle Shelves to Place Decorative Pieces and Small Plants/Flowers

Rectangle shelves can practically be placed in many areas of every home. They are very effective for showing off your best decorative pieces or your plant collection. Fab Glass and Mirror has a huge range of ready-cut sizes starting from 4 ¾” X 18” to 12” X 48”.


In the kitchen, they can be hung against a wall to create a display, but they can also be hung between windows, and above and below cabinets for extra storage and display areas. Once completed you can put your best glassware where they can reflect the light entering your kitchen, giving it a bright look. They can also be used to display a row of your favorite kitchen herbs.


If ever there was one room that the rectangular glass shelves are most practical for is the bathroom. They can be used on any wall or niched to display your luxurious bathing products, towels, plants, or any other decorative displays to lift the colors and light in your bathroom.


Rectangular glass shelves can be used to luxuriously store or display clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories in the bedroom or dressing room.

Living Areas

Use rectangular glass shelves in a single row or various rows and create display areas for any of your collections. Because of their seamless appearance, rectangular glass shelves give these rooms an uncluttered feel and modern appeal. 

Visit here to see the full range of tempered glass shelving at Fab Glass and Mirror. If you don’t find the size that suits your display purposes, they have a team ready to help you with your inquiries to create the custom design solution for you and to give you a quotation.

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