Should You Drink Tap Water or Filtered Water?

Another name of water is life. A modified version of the sentence should be another name of pure water is life. Because impure water can cause many health problems for us.


Most of us drink tap water, some drink filtered water and other drink bottled water. There are some substances which we cannot see with empty eyes in the water. These harmful substances are dangerous to our health.

Arsenic, aluminium, fluoride and other similar harmful elements can be found in water that is a direct threat to our health. But everyone wants to lead a happy and healthy life throughout their lives. Filtering water can be a great way to get rid of all these elements. Only a perfect water filter can help you filter your water effectively.

Water is one of the most crucial elements that we consume all day long. We need to drink at least 2 liters of water every day to keep us hydrated. Otherwise, we may face some health issues. That’s why; we need pure water to drink.

Tap Water is Not Safe

Tap water contains arsenic, fluoride, aluminium, chlorine and many harmful elements in it. These substances are really toxic to our health.


It is a neurotoxin element that can damage our brain function. When we drink water containing fluoride for years, our IQ may be decreasing slowly but surely. Otherwise, it has a direct effect on our thyroid. It dramatically disrupts thyroid hormone production.

Lead Contamination

If the level of lead in our blood increases up to a high standard, it may affect our liver function, fertility and other related health issues. And, Lead has been found in tap water in a significant amount which is really alarming for us.


Chlorine is being used to sanitize water. But if we do not filter our tap water before we drink it, chlorinated water can cause bladder and colorectal cancer. Besides, chloramines pickle lead from the supply line that also causes Lead contamination. And, as we know that lead is harmful to our health.

Filtered water is safe

Obviously, filtered water is secure more than tap water. When we use an excellent filter machine, it helps to remove the harmful element from our drinking water. It is not so pricey as well. So, you should not buy bottled water too if you have a water filter at home. All should have a water filter at their home for a better and improved life.

Filtered water is precisely what we need to drink every day. When water is being filtered, harmful elements like bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides are removed. So, having a water filter at home is the best option for all of us.

Filtered Water is Healthier

Filtered water is not pricey but affordable and helps you to protect yourself from unwanted health issues. It is also affordable than that of distilled or bottled water. Moreover, it is tasty more than tap water too. It keeps harmful lead away to provide you with a better and healthy life.

Filtered Water Reduces Health Risks

As filtered water removes some elements that are really harmful to our health, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, and so on, the risk of some health issues also reduce. If you can build up a habit of drinking filtered water, you may not experience gastrointestinal disease.

It has been found that those who drink filtered water are less risky than those who drink tap water by 33%. So, drinking filtered water is not only healthy but wise.

Filtered Water is Environmentally Friendly

We should all love our lovely planet for the sake of our own. We should use environment-friendly things in our day to day life to save the planet. What if we all drink bottled water every day? There must be a big trash in front of our house, right? Bottles are made of plastic which is a significant threat to our soil. Soil cannot consume plastic.

At the same time, if we drink filtered water, there will be no harm to the environment. So, thinking about the right sides of our health and our lovely planet, we should drink filtered water for our regular need. Also, filtered water enhances our skin hydration.

Final Verdict

As filtered water is cheap than bottled water and more healthy than tap water, we should drink filtered water. So, now it should be crystal clear that drinking filtered water is way better than tap water. It is healthier, cheap, environmentally friendly, and so on. That’s why; we have to drink nothing but filtered water.

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