How to Clean Your Home to Stay Free of Germs!

You may have heard of the common phrase – a clean home is a happy home. Well, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. We all consider our homes to be our safe havens, but just having a shelter over our heads and walls surrounding us doesn’t mean that we’re safe – homes need to be kept clean too.


Your home is actually a breeding ground for so many bacteria, but if you keep it clean, you can avoid catching illnesses and giving it to other people too.

Get That Carpet Cleaned

Carpets are very comfortable to have in your home, and they enhance the appeal of the interior in your home as well. However, as good as carpets maybe, it’s essential to take proper care of them as well. This is because carpets are well known for being havens for dust, bacteria, and allergens.

Therefore, professional carpet cleaning becomes especially vital in order to keep your home safe. Moreover, professional cleaning also helps to protract the life of your carpet too. Nevertheless, it’sessential to vacuum your home on a regular basis.

Don’t Use a Sponge

If you don’t believe us, do the research yourself – sponges are in fact, an excellent breeding ground for germs because they are wet, have food particles, and wetness to allow for bacteria to multiply. We recommend that you use a microfiber instead. Microfiber work to protect surfaces from bacteria better than a sponge would.

However, if you do wish to continue using a sponge, then you need to ensure that you microwave it for 2 minutes every day before using it. Another method of cleaning the sponge is to put it in the dishwasher at high temperatures. This is sure to kill all pathogens lying around in the sponge.

Regularly Wash Bedding

Did you know that washing your bedding regularly is very important because, if left undone, you will be exposing yourself to fungi, pollen, dust, even your own secretions like sweat? Frequently washing your bedding, which is changing your sheets every week and washing them properly with hot water to get them ready for their next use.

You should also ensure your bedding is clean by removing makeup before you go to bed, don’t eat or drink on your bed, don’t lay on your bed after rigorous exercise, and try to keep your pets off your bed too.

Clean What Comes in Contact Most

It’s imperative to always clean surfaces that we continuously make physical contact with on a daily basis because these surfaces will always have bacteria lying around that can cause us to be sick. Some of these surfaces are doorknobs, stair railings, bathroom faucets, sink faucets, toilet handles and the like.

The best way to clean such surfaces you should use an antibacterial cleaner or a disinfectant to clean such surfaces. The walls in your home are often touched too, especially by children. To clean walls, vacuum walls with a small brush attachment.

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