7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Home Improvement Project

There will be a time in a homeowner’s life where upgrade and remodelling will be a regular part of life. Whether you’re looking to create more space via new rooms, upgrade building materials, or because the home requires more functionality, starting a home improvement or remodelling job is a good plan.

Before getting started, you need to put into consideration some important stuff. While television shows make it quite easy to do updates (sometimes as fast as days or a week), it is easier said than done.


Here are a couple of things you need to know before you begin.

Don’t Be A Know-It-All When It Comes To Home Remodelling

Every DIY project is different and thus require a different method or treatment. Before finally deciding on a project to start in your property, assess what skill set as well as experience is crucial to properly execute the project.

There are many home projects that require more expertise than others like garage addition. While you may believe that you know everything about replacing a lighting fixture (thinking it’s as easy as detaching the current fixture), it’s harder than that. You may forget that turning off the electrical circuit to that and other vital requirements are necessary. Do proper research first.

Don’t Ask For Help From Inexperienced People

This should be a given, but many still insist on asking or hiring or asking their friends and family to help, thinking that they’ll save money by doing so. This, in turn, can lead to costly issues, even injury or damage to crucial elements in your property.

While your friends and family can be asked to help when moving belongings, furniture, cleaning or other small household chores – you should only let those experienced family and friends help with your home renovation.

Remodelling Projects Rarely Take A Single Weekend

Remodelling seldom takes a single weekend to finish. Typically, a home improvement project we see in television shows are able to complete projects in as little as 3-days. In truth, there is a countless number of hours necessary for professionals who work endlessly behind the scenes.

To assess how much time you will need, try basing it on your current experience level and if you have the right tools necessary to carry out the project and if you can get assistance to assist in the job in a timely manner. Put these factors into consideration as you start planning a time schedule. If you’re looking to take a time off from work, spend at least a day or two on for the duration, just in case.

Factor In The Local Building Codes And/Or Regulations In Your Area

It’s a reality that many homeowners think that the remodelling or construction they will do is up to them exclusively. There will be local building codes and statutes that you need to factor in based on where you live.

For example, if you will dig outside the home for a pool, installing certain plumbing/electrical/structural/mechanical components, you may require a building inspection to assess the safety.

Utilise Pictures When Hiring A Contractor

If you decide not to accomplish the remodelling project yourself and you get a professional contractor, you need to properly communicate and convey your plans and goal for the project. Pictures that you find online, your favourite magazine or those you collect from brochures can help a lot.

Many homeowners don’t know that contractors need an idea of the result you’d like in your project – with that said, don’t just rely on verbal explanation so that their interpretation won’t be led astray from the results you want.

Never Exchange Safety For Cheap And Quick When It Comes To Home Remodelling Projects

This might be self-explanatory to some, but many hospital rooms worldwide are filled with injuries related to home improvement accidents. The sad fact is that most could have been prevented if they didn’t exchange safety for cheap and quick alternatives.

You must ensure that you have the right ladders, scaffolding, extension poles, and other safety precautions when working on your project. If you are not familiar with power tools, working around electricity or other technical aspect of the home, hire a professional for your remodelling project – remember: safety first.

Don’t Assume That Your Budget Won’t Go Over Original Estimates

It may be easy to do your research regarding the cost of remodelling necessities like materials, labour, and miscellaneous components, but it also follows that there should always be a budget for when you go beyond the projected budget.

Many projects usually involve unforeseen circumstances that won’t show itself until the project begins. For instance, opening walls can sometimes lead to structural, electrical or plumbing issues. This is especially true for older homes as you can unveil mould, pipes leaks, rotting and deteriorating wood. Keeping this in mind, create a lower budget than you think you will need, just in case.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. While it’s true that renovating a home can be both satisfying and lead to increase in your property’s value, remodelling a structurally unsound home in a less than desirable can lead in issues in the future.

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For most homeowners, home renovation can look be unattainable if cost, time and resources are not properly planned out. Before you continue thinking about your home renovation, do ample research first and do it ahead of time. If it’s not possible to afford the entire project right currently or you don’t have the ideas to follow through the renovation, you should take your time.

You can always ask professional architects, landscapers, interior designers, and contractors or expert home design professionals. They can assist you in making your dream a reality in phases and at a cost that you can afford, or you don’t know can be an option. Home improvement is a huge investment, so take the time to research how to make it yours through an awesome renovation project.

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