How to Spruce Up Your Boring Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space is supposed to be your sanctuary, an oasis that should make you feel relaxed and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Do you ever glance at your outdoor space and wish that you could transform it from its current boring and drab state to a more inviting place to be?


Here are a few pointers that can make the process of transforming your outdoor space much easier. All it takes is a little time, persistence and imagination and your outdoor space will be vibrant, inviting and comforting.

Declutter and Clean

Before you can start transforming your outdoor space, you need to clean and declutter. Get rid of items that you no longer use or want. Doing this will provide you with a clean and blank canvas to work with.

Decide on a Theme

Decide on a theme, think about your style and the ambience of your home, add some similar elements to your outdoor space. Once you have decided on an overall theme for your space, you can start gathering the items that you need.


Plants are essential additions to any outdoor space or garden, without them, your space will look and feel dull and lifeless. Add some potted plants and plant flowers or leafy plants too. Include commercial planters like PureModern’s to inject some style, vibrancy and drama to your outdoor space.


For a modern and minimal outdoor space, think Swedish minimalism, clean and simple lines, aesthetically pleasing and calming. Opt for ultra modern furniture and add touches of chrome and dark wood to add contrast and drama to the space.


Sculptures, water features and carved wall art are all great additions to your outdoor space. If you do choose a minimal style, add splashes of colour here and there to compliment the clean design features.


Include throw cushions, outdoor lamps and ornaments. Make sure that the cushions are designed for outdoor spaces, they should be completely weatherproof to avoid damage.


Add the final touches by designing your lighting for your outdoor area. Soft lighting is best for outdoor spaces. Solar lamps that line the pathways, vintage lanterns and fairy lights are great for adding softness and extra design features to the space.


If you are happy with your current flooring, leave it as it is; however, if not, you could get wood cladding, a new patio or artificial grass to reduce maintenance. Wood cladding injects warmth however, you can use wood to accentuate the patio or grass instead of making the entire outdoor space wooden.

Covered Seating Areas

Even with a small space, you can create a hidden and covered hideaway in your outdoor space with a covered seating area. Get a wooden alcove made and line it with soft seating, fresh flowers and beautiful, soft lighting. Perfect for relaxing, listening to music, romantic evenings or hanging out with friends.

Add some spice to your outdoor space by incorporating fresh plants, plant pots and accessories. Choose the perfect furniture to match your theme, decide on lighting to set the mood,you can even add covered seating areas to give yourself a relaxing hideaway in your backyard.

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