Why the Big Spring House Cleaning Is a Must

Every housewife’s biggest nightmare and greatest pleasure. The rest of the family simply plays along and tries to stay out of her way and do as they are told. The big spring house cleaning provokes the sense of achievement once it is done. But why it is truly important to keep your home clean, you can find out below.


Cleaning Reduces Stress

The sole activity of cleaning reduces stress. Being physically active and vigorous for several hours, possibly even over a period of a couple of days can help you stay in shape. Getting physically tired will help you get your mind off things and relieve stress. Not only that, but it is also a perfect metaphor for clearing your thoughts and getting rid of your burden.


The psychologists have proved that clutter causes stress. Not only that you will feel better while you are cleaning, but you will feel free and have a place to relax after you are done with it. Less clutter will help you stay focused, have more zeal and sleep better. This particularly affects you if you are a woman reading this article. Men are a bit luckier as mess does not cause their cortisol levels to rise as much as it does in women.

Cleaning Reduces Health Hazard

When it comes to cleaning, it is not all about the things you can see, but also about the things your body can feel. The cleaning you do every couple of days certainly makes a difference. However, it only covers those areas and surfaces you can see and easily reach. The tiny particles of dust in your home are air-born and can cause many respiratory issues.


There are tiny creatures living everywhere in your home and none of them are particularly good for you. Bacteria and dust mites are everywhere, from your bed to your air vents. Make sure you not only use clean sheets but air your pillow and your mattress. If your mattress has a cover, wash it. Look at the state of your vacuum cleaner, make sure you clean the filter.


Spring cleaning should also involve washing your carpets as regular vacuum cleaners cannot pick up everything. If you have pets, note that hair tends to stick to carpets. Removing mold and applying mold treatments is also beneficial, not only for the sake of removing ugly black and green stains but also for preventing nausea and asthma symptoms.

Pest Control As A Part Of Spring Cleaning


Cleaning your home thoroughly will help you stay pest-free. You will reduce the number of hiding places and you will also throw out any food that was left out for them. This particularly refers to the part when you clear out and clean your pantry and kitchen cabinets. In case the spring cleaning helps you spot pests, you will be able to act and prevent them from further damaging your home and your health.

Cleaning Preserves Appliances

Cleaning can help you improve efficiency and durability of your home appliances. Some of them usually have layers of dust on the bottom or on the back. This is, for example, why your refrigerator no longer works as well as it used to. It also uses up more energy and has to strain in order to achieve the same effects it did in the past.


Every six months, simply clean the compressor coils located in the back and your fridge will get a new boost. Other appliances feel it too, your tumble drier enjoys clean filters, your washing machine loves limescale treatments and the dishwasher does not mind a clean filter and a vinegar rinse, again at every six months.

It Is A Group Activity

Involving your entire family into the spring-cleaning process has multiple benefits. It is a family activity so you get to spend time together working on a project and learning to function as a team. Your children can take on their bedrooms. This will teach them some good habits. Also, they will learn how to declutter at a young age and will probably not find it so difficult to dispose of things they no longer need and use once they grow up.


You can assist them in the process. Ask them to donate some of their clothes and toys to charity. Explain that there are children who are not as lucky to have as much and ask them to share. Being as kind as they are, they will do so gladly but they will make sure they keep those things they really care for. That’s how they learn.

You Can Get Cash For Trash

Pinkjunk rubbish collection service advises you to carefully select the things you want to get rid of permanently. They often come across items which are still usable and are better off donated or sold.


Here is another idea for a family activity, you can organize a garage sale once you are done with the cleaning. Sell the items that you no longer need but which are still in a good condition. This can help you raise some money and you can invest it in preparing your backyard for the warm weather.


The same way spring represents the awakening of life after gloomy winter months, the spring cleaning helps your home perk up. Your home really needs this and luckily we have the right time of the year which sets us in the mood for fresh starts.

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