Always in Vogue: Sophisticated Living Room Design Ideas

Luxury, comfort, timeless aesthetic appeal. These are just some of the keywords that portray a sophisticated living room setting imbued with a sense of style and elegance that radiates throughout the rest of the household.

Arguably, the living room is the focal point of the house, the center of all social gatherings and the place where the entire family can enjoy a comfy movie night surrounded by peace and happiness. In order for a multipurpose space to come to life, you want to design a sophisticated setting using details and striking accents rather than overpriced amenities.

Here are some interesting ideas to help you design a sophisticated living room the entire family will adore.


Allow Flexibility To Reign

The key to any chic living room design lies in simplicity and functionality. This is where the furniture in the room will play a vital role in creating a multipurpose space able to accommodate every type of event, from a house party to a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the TV. This will also allow you to easily create a unified design no matter the occasion.

So rather than opting for a single grand seating area such as a sectional, consider two smaller seating zones, both easily movable to accommodate an intimate conversation as well as make room to create an impromptu dancefloor if need be. Consider smaller furniture pieces to define the room, such as a high-back settee, a leather ottoman or a pouf, with a single elegant couch as the focal point of the room.

Get Creative With Lighting

The lighting in a living room serves many a purpose beyond simply illuminating the setting – it needs to be an extension of your own personality while also accentuating the key pieces you love the most, such as your favorite artwork on the walls, the reading nook in the corner, or the fireplace. The idea is to be as creative with lighting as possible.

Sophisticated Living Room Design Ideas

A great option is to think past traditional chandeliers and instead opt for more quaint pieces such as pendant lighting illuminating certain areas of the living room, without worrying too much to position the furniture directly beneath the light. Coned lighting is excellent for accentuating key pieces on the walls or the library, while steel or even wrought iron table lamps can create that much-needed intimate feel.

Enrich The Floors You Walk On

When creating a sophisticated, upscale living room, floor design plays a vital role. With numerous options at your disposal ranging from full hardwood to vinyl and even creative stone designs, you can create a truly unique setting worthy of adoration.

Sophisticated Living Room Design Ideas

However, a truly elegant living room will always have an ornate layer gracing the floor in order to bring forth that comfy yet chic vibe. You can buy modern rug by DecoRug in the seating area and the library, and be sure to position the furniture either around or inside the borders of the rug in order to retain symmetry. Remember to choose rug shapes that correspond to the layout of the room, and avoiding round carpets with square designs and vice versa.

Opulent Textures And Fabrics

But the rug is not the only layer your new living room should proudly boast, as layers of all kinds are more than welcome in any sophisticated setting. You want to think about various textures and fabrics in complementary hues you can introduce on the furniture, the side tables, the windowsills, etc.

Sophisticated Living Room Design Ideas

If the foundation of the room is neutral, you can add striking contrasts in terms of throws and blankets on the sofa, with sheepskin carelessly draping on the sides for a dash of spontaneity. Think about leaving books on the coffee table next to a single scented candle, and decorate the library or the fireplace with family photos in beautiful custom framing. Remember, layers give variety to the room and act as excellent conversation starters.

Complement With Strategic Greenery

Not to make the room seem crowded, but greenery does play a big role in its overall aesthetic appeal. Use it wisely, though, in accentuating certain areas such as the windows or breaking the monotony that might have settle in the corners of the room. Place ornate vases on the tables next to the sofa boasting fresh, colorful flower arrangements for that extra touch of class.

Sophisticated Living Room Design Ideas

You can use greenery in a multitude of ways, from framing the room and bringing the design in with grand potted plants to small pieces around the seating area to create an indoor oasis. You can also use greenery to pose as sculptures and unique works of art, with a Bonsai tree acting as a focal point of the living room. Small details such as these are what elevate an interior from decent to strikingly sophisticated.


Elegant living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional to modern and even futuristic, there is a design approach to for every taste palate. Be sure to consider these timeless design ideas and you will have no problem creating a sophisticated living room the entire family will adore.

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