5 Safety Tips For When Your Home Turns Into A Construction Site

There are millions of people all across the world who are working as construction workers, here some tips from them on how to minimize the risk of getting injured. As a worker on a construction site even as small as your own house, your health depends on taking all the precautions needed to minimize that risk. You could find yourself operating heavy equipment and machinery, dealing with hazardous materials, toxic gas and electricity to working on vicious heights, a construction site is a dangerous place to be.

That is why it is important for you to understand and follow safety rules. Who knows maybe once you will even have your own company.

To keep yourself safe while working on your home and avoid getting injured, here are five tips to help you out:


Getting In and Out of Machinery

Getting in and out machines and construction equipment is a major cause of injury in the workplace. But you can lower that risk of getting hurt by following safety rules.

First of all, check your boots and gloves and make sure you clean them off before any climbing. Also, use hand and foot holders of larger size and avoid toe-hold or finger-hold grip to make your climbing as secure as possible and stay away from carrying any objects when climbing.

Moreover, don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need it!

Ladder and Stairs Climbing Hazards

Construction site workers often need to climb ladders or stairs and during such projects, you need to take special precautions. Firstly inspect those ladders or stairs for stability before you start climbing on them. See if there are any loose or broken spots or any other kind of damage that can lead to collapsing and in case you find any, notify your superior. 

Ladders and stairs need to be dry and clean without any clutter or mud on them. If possible choose lifts and elevating platforms instead of stairs and ladders since they are safer. When using a ladder, calculate the distance carefully and pick the one that is higher than the area you need to reach. Also, be sure to keep your hands free for maximum stability when climbing and carry your tools in the tool belt.

Loading or Unloading Equipment

When loading or unloading the equipment you need to be aware of the risk that equipment can roll over and fall on top you. To make sure that doesn’t happen, keep the ramps you are using straight and cleared and make enough space between you and the equipment. As I mentioned before, don’t be shy to ask for help if needed. Better safe than sorry, right?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing the proper clothes and protective gear for construction workers is a must and they need to be stored in dry, safe place when they are not being used. Near the work area, you should keep your first aid kit and fire extinguishers, it needs to be in close proximity to you and available at any time. In case you are lifting heavy things you need to use a back belt to protect your body from any damage. Also, make sure to wear gloves and goggles when you are on site especially if using dangerous tools.

When it comes to footwear, comfortable Redback work boots made preferably from rubber will give you an advantage when you are on slippery or muddy surfaces. Another crucial part of your protection wear should be a breathing mask, especially if you are in a workplace with bad ventilation or you work requires you to deal with dangerous toxins or constant dust.

Crowded Work Areas

When there is something going on in the neighborhood people always tend to come and watch.

Crowding in construction areas is one of the biggest frustrations the people working there. Watching big machinery work is something like watching a bear or a tiger. That creates bigger issues that it may seem and it increases injury risks that are absolutely unnecessary. Supervisors should enforce the rule to keep people away from the operating area while at work.


If you are a construction worker(even just at your home) you need to take all the necessary safety measures to make your work area efficient and safe place to be. These were just a few suggestions to keep in mind in order to lower down the risk of getting hurt, but there are many more to take into consideration. No matter how many rules you have in your job description, one needs to be a priority and that it: SAFETY FIRST!

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