Tips to Save Home Space With Room Partitions Dividers and Screens

With the rise of micro-apartments, the need for dual-purpose space has become necessary. However, even as you become accustomed to tiny space living, dividing the room into various subsections is vital to ensure you avoid a cluttered feel, As you need to do this without wasting any valuable space, below are tips to save home space with room partitions dividers and screens.


A Divider Wall

Today micro-apartments employ an open layout system to save on space. Usually, this is to provide a seamless system in the house where everything is within reach and avoid it feeling too cramped. However, even if the living room and kitchen or dining area are open, some privacy is usually required in the bedroom area.

To seamlessly do this, a divider wall can work wonders on giving enough privacy without looking like a solid wall. Additionally, it gives you more space as you can use both ends of the wall for storage.

Staggered Bookcase

When you’re not planning to invest in a room divider that runs from floor to ceiling, why not consider using staggered bookcase. Ideally, a staggered bookcase is used to separate the living room with and sleeping area without taking too much visual space. With its unique design, the bookcase acts as a focal point that adds visual interest in a room while providing vital storage place.

Billy Bookcase From

Sometimes even when you require privacy, the idea of complete sectioning off a part of your space will seem like an improbable solution. Often, sectioning off the space usually blocks natural light making the sectioned area looked smaller and more cramped.

To avoid this, consider using a Billy bookcase room divider idea as an ideal choice for the situation. As it allows air and light to travel through, it gives you a sense of privacy while remaining open and airy.

Recycled Wood Panel

As the need for room dividers increases, many readymade designs exist in the market. However, as they are mass-produced, many have an industrial feel that doesn’t specifically fit any persona. For a little bit of oomph regarding room divider ideas for the living room, why not consider using recycled wood panels.

As you will be using old wood, it gives it a rustic feel. More importantly, you can add special shelving to act as added storage hence saving you space.

Barn Door Sliders

The use of barn doors indoors has increasingly been used as a focal point that provides visual interest. However, because of its working mechanism, many people think of it as an impractical idea in small areas. To ensure it works for you, why not custom make it and place it on sliders instead.

As it will slide to provide a partition instead of swinging out, you will not have to worry about placing objects in front of it. What’s more, as you can slide it out of the way when not needed, you can easily combine two rooms with limited effort. With this room divider idea, you give your small space a farmhouse feel.

String Rope From Ceiling To Floor

Even though more and more people want to invest in room partitions, sometimes investing in chunky solid wood dividers isn’t practical or a room. To ensure maximum light is passed through, many people opt to use strings of rope.

The rope is secured in wood dowels on the ceiling and the floor giving off a permanent feel. As it provides a wall, you are free to place a shelving unit on either side without it feeling off hence giving you more storage.


Unfortunately, most micro-apartments are only created as a single room with no closet space. This means that it’s up to you to add different storage options. One way of doing this is to add a wall of storage to divide the living room from the bedroom.

Ideally, the concept of this is that you create closet systems with the front side where you will use for storage which will only be accessible from the bedroom side. The backside makes up the wall which you can decorate as you would do toa normal wall and hence effectively partitioning your room in spaces.

Fabric Folding Screen

Folding screens have been in existence for a very long time, and they will be of use for a long time to come. When you decide on where to purchase room dividers, ensure that you purchase a sturdy one that can withstand the wear and tear of constant folding and refold.

As plastic folding screens can be an eyesore, chose to invest in a fabric folding screen that provides a warm feel. Ideally, you can choose to do it yourself, and custom-make a folding screen that blends with your home décor.


As expected, curtains make it to the list as one of the best ways of installing temporary room dividers in a small space. Often, many people have spaces that look cluttered or busy, regardless of how organized it might be. In this situation, curtains come in handy and allow you to cover your possessions in a great way.

Additionally, you can choose to invest in a light and airy curtains that allow light to pass through to give an illusion of privacy. As they at as a decorative element, get fancy with the curtains and choose beautiful bold design and colors.

Panel Screen Hang From Ceiling

Panel screens have often been used to add architectural interest to the walls of a house. However, many people are deciding to use them as space dividers because of its sturdy, high-quality material. To ensure that it gives you a light and airy feel, choose to hang them from the ceiling instead.

For added visual interest, you can choose to color and paint interesting designs. As it not bulky still behaves like a solid wall without being too constrictive, it allows you sufficient privacy without having to deal with the bulkiness of a solid wall.

Glass Divider

The ultimate room partition divider that allows maximum use of available space is a glass divider. Depending on the area of use, you can decide to install a ceiling to floor glass that acts as a visual divider. However, for added privacy and interest, you can choose to incorporate wood elements. As clear glass allows full light to pass through, it gives off a light, airy and welcoming feeling.

Wall Of Branches

In some living areas, the need for a solid wall, curtain, or shelf isn’t necessary. Sometimes all that is needed is a visual divide to showcase where one-room space ends, and the other one starts. A wall of branches divide offers a great way of dividing space and acts as great décor.

To effectively use them, the dried branches are placed linearly a few inches apart. As they give the illusion of a wall, you can choose to place a storage piece at the base hence using the wall for double duty function.


As seen above, unless you are living in a large mansion with endless space, using your home for dual purpose means has become the norm. The room divider ideas allow you to partition your open space into sections allowing easy flow of work. As they are tips that allow you to save home space while remaining beautiful, you cannot afford not to use them if you have a small home.

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