How To Renovate And Restore An Abandoned House

There is something about old houses that makes people do crazy things. Like restoring an abandoned home. There are so many old houses that have lots of character and were built to last back in the day. So, why not just renovate and update an older home like that?


How To Renovate And Restore An Abandoned House

One of the reasons to go for an abandoned home is that you can incorporate a lot of modern building materials and ideas when you are working with a home that needs more of a build out than simply updating an old house.

In this article, I will go over some basics to get you started thinking about that old fixer upper and how you should approach it.

Start With The Roof

Often, an abandoned house wouldn’t be in too bad shape if it were not for the roof. Once the roof is weakened, then the house ends up in a pretty bad state of repair due to exposure to the elements.

If you get the roof sorted out then you can get to work gutting the interior and keeping the repairs from getting ruined as you work.

Often, an abandoned house has some weak roof supports and needs to be completely redone. This is when you need to call in a professional as you are not simply changing the roofing tiles.

Companies like Slade Roof will know exactly how to get the roof back to its original condition and keep it that way for many years to come.

Use Technology

The house may be old, but since much of it is going to be gutted due to damage, this is your opportunity to use some modern tech to get the most out of living there.

You likely have a house that is cool in the summer and warm in winter as that is how many old houses were built. Take advantage of that by adding radiant heat floors to save a lot of money on your heating expenses.

Also, once you have the roof fixed, put up some solar panels either for heating water or to power your home. Use the fact that much of the interior is torn out to add a central heating and cooling system.

Use Period Pieces

Living in an old home is supposed to be charming so using pieces from the time the house was built is a great way to add that charm back. Or, at least have them look that way.

You can get some beautiful cast iron old fireplaces that have been restored and use that to heat your home in style.

If you like the warmth of wood, then finding old barns and using the recovered wood can add some nice authentic accents by making doors, tables and cabinets out of them. It also saves a lot of money over buying antiques.


Abandoned houses are hugely challenging so make sure to go in with the right attitude. Understand that you need a lot of patience and expect to go over budget. There are always lots of surprises waiting for you when you restore instead of buying new.

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