7 Creative Ideas for Renovating Your Dusty Basement

In most cases, houses and buildings have basements. Sometimes they take the whole underground level and are then called cellars. But usually, when it comes to houses, they’re a floor which can be used as a living space. After industrialization of home building, digging up basements became much easier. However, not every soil is suitable for constructing an underground level since the structures can easily collapse.

Unfinished basements are nothing unusual. Many residencies use it as areas to keep water heater, install pipes, store excess stuff, keep the washer and/or dryer and other utilities. Some are even used as workshops for either business or hobby purposes. All these aspects mean that basements can be dirty and dusty places usually all forgotten about.

Nevertheless, when the time comes to do something constructive with all that space, people face the dilemma. It is a considerable amount of area you should renovate and you must start planning the budget, as soon as possible. Hopefully, these creative ideas for renovating will help you with that.


Check The Structure And Installations

Before anything else, call an expert to check the structure and installations. Electrical wiring and piping need to be in perfect shape in order to proceed. The underground waters, humidity or plant roots can damage the walls so professionals should check it for stability.


After examination, if there is any need for repairs, you must perform them before starting any other works. Safety in the basement should be your first priority. Although this can mean an extra cost for your household, have in mind that some damages can be damaging to your health. Additionally, unattended damages can turn into a complete accident, and those can create even more costs if happen after renovations.

When you’ve finished with all repairs, you can start with building ceiling, flooring and walls. Make sure to insulate the structure in order to create the stable environment. In the end, you will have a clean and clear space to model it however you want.

Open Concept Plan

Just like last year's trend to incorporate your outdoor space to the interior, designers suggest doing the same with the basement. It's easy to transform it into the open space layout. It's modern and trendy with various on-the-budget solutions for décor. This way you can have all-in-one space and save on the materials. Think of it as sorts of the multi-purpose area which can resemble a studio apartment.


Underground Gym

You all know how important is to exercise. However, not all people are feeling comfortable to go to the public spaces and show off their moves. That’s where you can use the basement to help you out. It is a perfect room to turn into the underground gym and don’t deprive yourself some healthy workout time. You can place in there some bulky equipment and even create a separate bathroom.


If you have a big basement then feel free to create a gym for more than just one person to hang out. You can even add features like a sauna and hot tub and enjoy exercise and relaxation with your significant other.

Guest Rooms

If you have family and friends living in other city or even continent, instead of placing them in the hotel, you can create the space just for them. Instead of open space, build walls and create a living room with a kitchenette, a fully functional bathroom and bedroom.

This is an excellent solution and will make everyone feel comfortable. This way you won't have to walk on your tiptoes, and neither do your guests. You can all still have the privacy while spending quality time together at the same time. Additionally, houses with this kind of space are valued more on the market since this means they have a completely new liveable floor.

Home Office

You heard those success stories that everything started in the basement. Well, this might be your chance. Renovate the space to create a perfect home office with all the additional equipment. The basement will give you privacy to work in peace which is important for those starting a creative business. Add some seating area where you can hold meetings or have conference calls.


Also, look at the indoor and outdoor LED lights for solutions to imitate the natural light. It is a fact that daylight is important for normal brain functions and installing appropriate lights will compensate for the lack of windows.

Home Theatre

Renovated basement is the dream come true for all movie lovers. Home theatre is not an exclusive extravagance for moviegoers. So much space is perfect even for those who like to watch games or reality shows with friends. Three things you’ll need more than anything else and those are a large TV, comfortable seating set and incredible surround system.

Add a bar and a bathroom, and you just became the favourite person in your clique. You may be required to soundproof the space, including the doors, so you don't bother anyone from your surroundings. The last thing you want is to be interrupted by the police answering a complaint about too loud music or cheering.


If you have children than your priority will be to turn the basement into the playroom. This will give you an excellent space to spend time with your kids. Also, you can organize birthday parties there and let your children play while you run errands in the house.


To create a safe space for children, use foam pads on the flooring and childproof the sockets. Also, ensure that there are no sharp edges or any possible injuries and accidents from the furniture. All electrical devices must be out of the children’s reach. Additionally, maybe you can install a small cam to monitor the children while away.

In The End

If you're among those who let that basement space waste away, make it your 2018 resolution to renovate it. Besides the stated, you can use it for the music room, wine cellar or a place to store your private collections. Whatever you decide, don't forget to check for safety issues first, and plan before you spend in order to have everything you want.

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