Cheap vs Expensive Methods of Removing Labels from the Glass

Most of the stickers are made with a special adhesive that can be repositioned with ease while some stickers are made for permanent sticking. These stickers stubbornly stick to the glass surface and leave its sticky residue on the glass surface even after removal.


Many homeowners get fed up with the stubbornness of these stickers and try removing them in wrong ways with wrong tools and wrong techniques. This is not only ineffective but also damages the lustrous and smooth surface of the glass. That’s why it is important to know the right techniques for removing labels and stickers from the glass surface.

Methods of Removing Labels from the Glass

There are five simple and easy methods for removing labels from glass that only require common household products. These methods are not only cheap but also highly effective and help you remove the sticky labels without damaging the delicate surface of the glass. Here are the five methods of removing labels from the glass:

Using Soap and Warm Water

This is the cheapest trick in the list and works well for removing labels from the glass surface. A simple solution of soap and warm water is highly effective in weakening the adhesiveness of the sticker and softening it up. It is best to soak the sticky area in this solution and leave it for 30-40 minutes.

This is adequate time for the stickiness of the label to weaken and makes it easy to peel off the sticker with fingers or dull knives. If soaking is not possible, a damp sponge can also be used to dampen the sticky area of the glass. The next step is to remove the sticker gently with fingers or using a dull knife. Patience is the key and it is best to go slow rather than going too fast and tearing it up.

Using Cooking Oil & Baking Soda

A simple homemade cleaning solution made with an equal portion of cooking oil and baking soda is highly effective for removing labels from glass. Baking soda is a universal cleaning agent and is also safe to use. However, it is best to cover nearby surfaces with a paper or cloth to prevent extra cleaning. Especially fabric, painted surfaces, and plastic must be covered beforehand.

The first step is to rub the cleaning solution on the sticky area of the glass with the help of a sponge or soft cloth. Commonly 15-20 minutes is all that it takes to soften and weaken the labels. However, some stubborn labels may require to be left overnight. Once the label has softened, wipe off the paste, and gently remove and peel off the sticker with fingers or a dull knife.

Using Washing Soda

A mixture of washing soda and warm water is another effective way to remove sticky labels from the glass surface. Mixed in equal portions, this acts as a dissolving agent and weakens the bond of sticker or label with glass. Just like baking soda, it is best to leave the solution on the surface for about 30 minutes for normal stickers and overnight for stubborn stickers.

Washing soda and warm water solution is relatively stronger than the previous one and should work well for removing any kind of sticker and labels from the glass surface.

Using Blow Dryer & Heat

If you are not interested in applying any sort of cleaning solution on the delicate surface of the glass then you can simply use heat to weaken the stickiness of the sticker or label. Using a blow dryer set at the highest settings is a quick and easy way to soften the stickers, and it hardly takes 2 to 3 minutes.

The key is to remove the sticker while it is soft and hot as it will regain its stickiness after cooling down. For any residue left afterward, simple cleaning solutions discussed above can be used for a more thorough removal.

Using Rubbing Alcohol

This is the most commonly used trick for removing labels from large panels of glass such as shower enclosure glass and windows. Rubbing alcohol is an effective cleaning agent that works by dissolving other substances such as sticky glue and adhesives. Rubbing alcohol is easy to use, effective, and dries out pretty quickly. However, stubborn stickers and labels may require multiple cleaning cycles.

For cleaning and removing the label, any of the following materials can be used for applying the alcohol on to the surface of the glass. These include cotton swab, paper towel, cotton ball, napkin, or a microfiber cloth. Alcohol is inflammable so it is better never to use it on a heated surface and must be used in a well-ventilated space.

Cheap Method VS Expensive Method

Removing labels and stickers from the glass surface can be a troublesome task if you don’t have the right tools and don’t know the right technique. There are many cheap and homemade methods to remove the labels from the glass surface as discussed above and there are also some expensive commercial cleaners.

These include the likes of lighter fuel, nail polish remover, and other commercial cleaners. So, it is up to the choice of homeowners to create an effective cleaning solution at their home or buy a readymade cleaner from the store.

Avoid Using Blade or Sharp Tools

Regardless of the cleaning method you use, it is never advisable to use a blade or sharp tools on the delicate surface of the glass. These tools can severely damage the delicacy of the glass surface and is never a good idea.

Alternatively, many tools can be made into effective scrappers such as a dull knife or a credit card. These tools work effectively for removing the soften sticker or label from the glass surface without damaging the delicate surface of the glass. It may seem a good idea to grab a sharp knife or a blade for removing stickers from the glass but it is certainly not worth the risk.

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