How Redecorating Your Living Room Can Bring More Positive Vibes

A good living room design can help you create a strong, fresh, clean and happy home full of positive energy. But, how can you use interior design elements to achieve such fun vibes in your home? Well, it takes a little careful planning and patience, but once you’re finished, you’ll instantly feel at home. Here are some easy and useful tips for redecorating your living room and bring more positive vibes.


Get Rid Of Clutter

No matter how well-decorated your living room is, if it’s dirty and cluttered it will automatically have negative vibes. Clutter and positive vibes cannot coexist in the same space! So, your first step towards creating a positive living environment is decluttering.

Redecorating Your Living Room

If you need some help getting rid of clutter, you might want to take a look at some good organizational guides and stick to a good cleaning schedule. Once you achieve a clean and uncluttered space, make sure to have regular little cleaning sessions to prevent clutter from forming ever again.

Remove Everything That Carries Bad Memories

Basically, anything that doesn’t spark positive emotions in you doesn’t have a place in your living room. So, get rid of all photos that remind you of painful times and negative people, furniture items that are useless to you and decor pieces that are associated with memories you don’t want to dwell on. This practice will also help you declutter your space and let you cherish the things you love even more.

Fill Your Space With Light

Poor lighting is one of the greatest enemies of positive vibes, so make sure to give your living room as much light as possible. If you can, opt for natural light, especially during warm sunny days. Natural light has a very positive effect on human body and mind, making us more alert, aware, happier and healthier.

Redecorating Your Living Room

However, if you have small inefficient windows in your living room, you can still maximize sunlight by decorating with mirrors that will reflect the light and scatter it all around your interior.

You also need to provide good artificial lighting in your living room to properly light up your nights. Ceiling fixtures are probably the most important lighting fixture, but you also need floor lamps and table lamps to provide ample layers of lighting. If you only have one light source, this can create a sad and depressing setting, so don’t skimp on lighting fixtures.

Let The Fresh Air In

Having plenty of fresh air in your living room will also help create a much happier and healthier environment. So, open your windows and let the fresh air fill up your home. If you live in an urban and polluted place, you can invest in an air purifier or get a Himalayan salt lamp that will fill your space with beneficial negative ions making your home buzz with positive vibes. 

Fresh air has many health benefits and has a general feel-good effect on people.

Get Some Comfy Furniture

It might be the time to get rid of your old and worn out furniture and replace it with something that will make you proud of your possessions, and boost both style and comfort in your living room. For instance, invest in some beautiful award-winning couches that will serve as statement pieces and attract the attention of everyone who steps into your home.

Redecorating Your Living Room

Also, accompany your sofas with a soft, comfy armchair that will let you curl up in it with a book and a cup of tea, and will serve as your personal little getaway.

Play Some Music

Even though it’s very simple to fill your space with some music, not many people practice this in their everyday life. Background music can have therapeutic effects that can improve your self-esteem, flood you with happiness hormones and generally improve your mood. So, play something you love, sing along and even have a little boogie.

Use Colors To Your Advantage

According to the Psychology of Colors, every color has a different effect on human behaviour and brings in different energy to the space. If you create a space that’s filled with bright and bold colors, they will instantly boost your energy levels and make you feel more positive.

Yellow is considered to add happiness, green flexibility and vibrancy, red is considered passionate and prosperous while orange is cheerful and warm. Also, this year’s Pantone’s Color of the Year is the vibrant Ultra Violet that’s creative, inspirational and bold, so you can get on board with this trend and give your living room a romantic purple vibe.

Redecorating Your Living Room

You can rely on these colors to bring in positive vibes to the space, but the best way to make your living room feel comfortable is to pick your favorite colors and put them on display. This way, you’ll always feel happy when you look at them, regardless of the trends and interior design tips.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money, time and energy to bring in some positive vibes into your living room. Just a little harmony, softness, color and music can make all the difference.


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