Recycle E-Waste Appropriately to Save Gorillas

Due to technological advancements, electronics become obsolete very fast. For instance, people opt for smartphones instead of old models, and; this has brought the concern of disposing of unused electronics. Also several awareness campaigns are being conducted to educate people on the benefits of recycling useless electronics.


Some environmental gains for recycling old mobile phones are:

Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources are limited and very precious. Without them, humans can’t survive. Electronic waste contains metals, for example; copper, silver, platinum, and many others. So, it's advisable to recycle them correctly. Besides, these metals are useful in many ways.

Reduction in Pollution

Waste in the form of smartphones and other electronics contain metals and toxic chemicals; for instance, mercury, chromium, and beryllium. These substances are highly poisonous. Therefore, when dumped in landfills, they contaminate the soils, water, and air leading to many ailments.

Apart from environmental gains, there are other benefits of recycling old smartphones. These are:

Creation of Jobs

Since unemployment is a significant issue worldwide, recycling of electronic waste paves the way for new jobs in the economy. The reason being that is the workforce is required to accomplish the task.

Cutting on Costs

Most countries prefer to dump their waste in other regions, and it's costly to transport electronic waste overseas. So, by opting for recycling companies, they reduce costs and at the same time decrease pollution.


Recycling of old mobile phones and other electronics has numerous benefits. The world is changing, and recycling worn-out electronics is becoming the new savior in many ways!

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