7 Things you need to know before you purchase an awning

When the hot summer weather graces us with its unbearable heat, there are often many house improvements that need to be taken care of. Providing the right shade coverage is one of them. A good solution is to purchase an awning because it can improve the home’s functionality. Not only does the awning provide a cool shelter where the whole family can enjoy themselves, but it is also a convenient way to cut energy bills and save money.

Before getting an awning there are many things to be considered e.g. from the fabrics to its protection. Here are seven things to take into consideration before the final purchase:


Get High-Quality Fabrics

Needless to say, the type of fabric is essential when deciding on awning purchase. Making a smart investment into the materials guarantees a practical shade solution that will protect your home for many years to come. Therefore, choose the fabric made from the acrylic fibers because it is breathable and heavy, thus provides a perfect shade.

Make sure to check the warranty of the material. In case its warranty lasts for ten years, this is a good sign because you are dealing with a high-quality product and a professional supplier who can replace the damaged merchandise.

Check Dimensions And Features

One of the aspects that is crucial to keep in mind is the color. Although it may sound as the question of aesthetics, the fact is that the color of an awning plays a major role in preventing the harmful sun rays. Take an advantage of darker color fabrics as they reflect more UV rays and absorb more heat than the lighter ones.

Another feature that is inevitable to leave out is the size. Many awnings are sold in different sizes e.g. from 8 feet to 25, so measure the space that it will occupy in your home. As already mentioned, its purpose is to provide shade, but still leave some part unsheltered as to enjoy the sunshine, too.

Different Types

Regarding the awning types, there are many to choose from e.g. patio awnings, veranda awning to freestanding awnings, etc. Usually, the patio awning attached to a wall provides a shade by spreading over the patio.

Veranda awnings are similarly attached to a wall, but unlike the patio, its position doesn't change when it gets retracted which gives them good support. While these two are designed to be fixed on a surface, a freestanding awning doesn’t need a wall, but it has a frame on which the awning is set. These awnings are best shelters for outdoor activities and gatherings.

Motorised vs. Manual

This question probably concerns you the most because the motorized one is definitely more practical than the manual one. This doesn't mean the manuals awnings are not a good investment, but that they are not that functional. So, opt for functionality.

In addition to being easy to use with just a click on the remote control, all the best-motorized awnings have a convenient wind sensor that ensures them to retract in case of rain. As a result, it shall save the awning and its essential elements and in that way, it will last longer than expected.

Protection of The Awnings

When browsing for the awning to your liking, one thing that you should have in mind is its protection from the harsh weather conditions. Therefore, your focus should be on the cassette that is built in the awning.

Choose an open cassette awning if you don’t require protection because the awning will be positioned in a well-secured area. A semi-cassette one secures only the fabric, but not the mechanism. However, opt for a full cassette awning in case your awning will be exposed to outdoor effects. Thus, all its elements such as the fabric and roller will be well- secured from the rain.

Protection of The Fabric

Naturally, the fabric as well should have a good protection by a firm roof construction or more conveniently by a hood sheet. The hood sheet acts as a type of shield and ensures that the material does not get dirty from the rain by covering 200 mm of the fabric.

Therefore, once it is pushed out, your awning stays clean.In addition; its color will remain intact from the excessive sun exposure, too. Even when using a motorized awning, the hood sheet will provide sufficient protection.

Check Where The Outsourced Product Comes From

It’s advisable to check the whereabouts of the product’s manufacturers as it can usually indicate the quality and duration of the product. In other words, some manufacturers won’t provide the best materials because of the motto ‘’quantity over quality’’. Considering this, check the country from which the product is outsourced. Many manufacturers located in Europe invest in the quality of their product and try to provide the latest innovations on the market.

Along with them, consider companies in the United States and Australia, too. However, keep in mind that some companies import the elements from China as to later assemble them. These products are not of the best quality.

A Place Under The sun

Having a place of your own under the sun is achievable with the right awning. Depending on your budget and preferences, along with following these guidelines for an optimal purchase e.g. from fabrics to protection, choose an awning that will enhance your home’s functionality and fit well with its ambiance.

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