Pool Safety Tips This Summer

On a hot sizzling summer day, nothing beats the feeling you get after dipping into a pool. However, that cool pool might turn out to be a death trap if safety measures are not taken.


For this reason, it is essential always to put safety first if you have a pool in your backyard. Most people tend to think safety in the pool is something that should be taken into consideration only if you have kids around. This is far from true even though most pool accidents involve kids.

Adults too fall victim to accidents in the pool. The following tips should help you keep you and your family safe this summer as you cool off in your pool.

Build a Pool Fence

The best safety measure that you can take if you own a swimming pool is to erect a fence around it. This is the perfect way to keep kids and toddlers away from the danger lurking in the pool, especially when you are not around the poolside.

In 2016 the leading cause of deaths amongst toddlers was drowning. This is a startling statistic. Kids are fascinated by lots of things and like to explore everything and anything around them. With their innocence, they will most likely fall into the water and not make it out. Your pool is supposed to be a place of fun, not a death trap. Put up that fence!

Install an Alarm System

You have put up a wall, but your kids somehow find their way around the pool, what do you do to keep them away from harm's way? Installing an alarm system would be your best bet at keeping them away from danger while you are not within their vicinity.

These alarms are set in a way that they send an alert once somebody opens gates leading to the pool area. Aside from this, there are motion sensors that can be installed inside the pool and send alerts whenever something or someone enters the water.

Get Rid of The Diving Board

Whether you are a pro swimmer or just an enthusiast, diving boards pose a massive danger to anyone using them at home. Lots of accidents are attributed to these boards, with most victims slipping and hitting their heads on the boards.

To avoid such scenarios occurring in your home, just get rid of the board. Other additions that can pose a danger to your family, especially kids, are slides.

Items Or Object That Are Not Required

Keeping the poolside clear of anything that might cause users to trip and fall is one of the most critical safety measures that is often taken for granted. Anything that can cause you to slip and fall should be kept in its rightful spot.

Set Rules

Having a simple rule book that is put somewhere around the pool and visible to all users is a great way to keep anyone using it out of trouble. Do not leave out any rule that you think is important regardless of how lame it might sound.


This summer, just like many others that have come and gone, will see many people take to the pool to cool off and have fun. These numbers also mean the risks of pool-related accidents go up. By following these tips, you will have your family safe.

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