Easy Pest Control Must-Haves For A Clean Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens are highly attractive to pests due to the prevalence of food, both fresh and waste. Clearly an infestation of mice, rats or cockroaches is highly undesirable but they are not actually the primary problem. The greatest risk is caused by flying insects due to their vast numbers, ability to fly through tiny spaces and the speed with which they breed.

Fortunately there are a number of actions you can take to minimise the risk of an insect invasion.


Why Are Flies Such a Problem?

Food production and processing plants offer the perfect environment for flies. Food is available and the air is moist and warm, which is great for breeding and just two flies can create hundreds of eggs. Unfortunately the presence of flies is a huge problem for public health.

Small flies breed, feed and live in contaminated areas and then enter a kitchen and land, transferring pathogenic material onto food preparation areas. Once the pathogenic material is transferred to industrial kitchens it ends up contaminating the food. And when this contaminated food is consumed by consumers they get sick easily.

Therefore, it’s highly crucial for the staff working in industrial kitchens to prevent the entry of flies in the food preparation areas. The inability of the staff to control the entry of flies in the kitchen will eventually result in the contamination of more food, which is not only harmful to the health of the consumers but also for the reputation of industrial kitchens.

How Can I Prevent Contamination?

You can take some basic steps to prevent flying insects from entering the premises. 

Keep the Surfaces And Equipment Clean

You can’t afford to maintain a high level of hygiene if you have unclean surfaces and equipment. Ensure bins have lids and are emptied regularly. Even if you have a single bin without a proper lid, throw it out of your premises as soon as possible because it helps in enhancing unhygienic conditions.

Drains need to be cleaned and flushed out regularly too. And your failure to do so can create umpteen problems for you. Even the tiniest presence of food particles attracts flies so keep surfaces, equipment and floors scrupulously clean.

Use Pest Control Equipment

To be completely sure that no pests are able to enter your industrial kitchen, PVC roll, plastic door strips or sliding PVC curtains are a valuable investment. If flies do manage to get inside, ensure you have fly killers.

PVC roll is available in a variety of colours, styles and finishes to suit your premises. It can be cut to size and used to reduce noise and air pollution but most importantly to keep out pests. The rolls are available in bulk.

Strip curtains are a good value solution for frequently used internal and external doors. They are made of high quality PVC which makes them durable, and they are easy to install. The PVC creates a tight seal which also protects temperature and so is often used in refrigerated areas.

Different levels of kits are available depending on your need, from anti-insect to antimicrobial. They are good at keeping out as many flies as possible. PVC strip curtains are also available with a sliding rail kit which allows the flexibility of keeping a space open where a permanent curtain is not needed.

Where hygiene is of the utmost importance, a plastic door strip curtain can be used. This steritouch curtain protects against pathogenic bacteria such as E Coli, salmonella, legionella and MRSA as well as moulds and fungi.

With all these highly effective products to discourage nuisance creatures, your industrial kitchen should remain clean, hygienic and pest free.

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