8 Absolutely Fabulous Outdoor Lighting Ideas: All You Need To Know

We all want our homes to look nice and inviting, a reflection of who we are and what we love. We go out of our way to decorate each and every room just right, but what about outdoor space? Our yards, gardens and patios are part of our homes just as much as living rooms and kitchens are, and we should make an effort to make a wonderful ambience of those spaces.

Lighting is one of the ways to achieve that, and we’ve prepared eight wonderful tips to help you get the best outdoor lighting for your home.


Magical And Fun

The simplest way to light up your garden is to take out some of those Christmas lights. You can easily wrap them around a bush or a tree, but you could also roll them into a ball and place them in a jar for that ‘magical’ effect.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You can keep them on the table or place them on the grass, depending on the atmosphere you’d like. Not only are they elegant and easy to set up, they’re also safer than regular candles so you don’t have to worry that the breeze will blow them out or that the open flame will damage something.

Outdoor Lamps

Lamps are amazingly versatile and they’re great for pretty much any room in the house. Luckily, there are many outdoor lamps on the market these days, so you can light up your yard in no time.

Outdoor lamps come in many different styles and designs and you can choose the one you like best, or you could even make some yourself using mason jars or wine bottles. It doesn’t matter if you prefer elegant, vintage, modern, or extravagant ones, outdoor lamps are perfect for setting the mood in your garden.

Go Green

If you’re worried about wires or even electricity bills, but would still like a nicely-lit yard, you should pick solar lamps instead of regular ones. They are by far the easiest of all lights to install and use as they require no wiring at all.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

All you need to do is put them in the place you want (make sure it gets plenty of sunlight during the day) and when it gets dark, they will automatically turn on.

Light The Way

If you’re not really satisfied with street lights in your neighbourhood, but the light from your porch isn’t strong enough to light up your path, you can always set several path lights along the walkway.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You can pick pain solar lights, or you can chose vintage fixtures which will cast soft light on the walkway. If you’re not sure which lighting type is best for you, you can always call professionals from Brisbane Power Electrical to assist you. Whatever type of fixtures you want, it’s always a good idea to pick those that direct light downward.

Ambient Lighting

If you like to entertain guests in your garden and organize barbecues and parties, ambient lighting is just what you need. You should place soft lights around social areas to enhance the atmosphere and visibility in the evening.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Don’t hesitate to illuminate not only your porch but your patio too, and use mini-lights and sconces. Another nice idea is to place a spotlight in the branches of a nearby tree as well as use underwater lighting for your pools and fountains.

Focal Points

If you’ve worked hard to turn your yard into a place of your dreams and you’re proud of your plants, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t draw everyone’s attention to some of the yard’s focal points.

Feel free to highlight anything from water fountains and flower beds, to trees and rose bushes, but be careful when you direct spotlights. You don’t want to point them to your neighbour’s windows or passers-by in the street.

Light Up Your Porch

Regardless of whether you intend to entertain guests on your porch, you should light it up with simple lighting fixtures. Barn lamps are very simple in design, but they fit in nicely into any decor and look great no matter if you’re living in the country or the city.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Because they’re wall-mounted, they don’t take up much space but give off enough light, and class cowls together with curved arms make them look vintage and sturdy at the same time.

Going Romantic

The only lights that can come close to creating the romantic ambience of moonlight and starlight are good old candles – clusters of candles, in fact. While it might not be a good idea to use them in places where there’s a chance for someone to overturn them, using them safely will create the most beautiful romantic atmosphere.


You could also use glass lanterns or mason jars and line them up a staircase or place them around the table. This is safer because glass will protect the candle from being snuffed out by the wind.


There isn’t a single ‘perfect’ lighting solution that works for every outdoor space, and you should do a bit of research first. Before you make any decisions, take some time to walk around your garden and think about areas you’d like to be lighter. Illumination of the outdoor space is important because not only will it make you feel safer in your home, but it’s also practical and helps set the atmosphere.

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