Easy Ideas To Have An Organized Closet: All You Need To Know

Creating the perfect organized closet is somewhat of a dream that a lot of people have, and it really is the icing on the proverbial cake when talking about a perfect home. But why are closets so important?

Far too many people think of them as simply places to move your mess to so it's less noticeable, but closets are a lot more than that, no matter what they are used for. So, let's see some easy organized closet ideas to use them to their full potential.


Easy Ideas To Have An Organized Closet: All You Need To Know


Mess-free organized closet ideas

Living in a mess-free space means having a mess-free mind. And there is a very important thing to be considered when talking about a tidy space: the fact that you can’t see the mess, doesn’t mean that the mess is not there.

If your bedroom is very tidy, only because all of the mess was carelessly shoved into the closet, you will feel the weight of it dawn on you, and you won't be able to relax as much as if it were truly tidy.

Mess-free organized closet ideas

So, get rid of all of the excess things you have in there that you don't necessarily need and make sure that whenever you take an item out, you return it to its designated space. Enforce those few good habits, and you will have a mess-free life, and will be able to devote your time to more important things than digging through your closet to find the thing you’re looking for.

Organize By Subcategories

Organize by subcategories closet

If you want to use the most out of a confined space – like a closet – the best way to do so is to divide it into subcategories and organize it as precisely as possible. In the example of a kitchen, this might mean having a spice rack, but then dividing those spices into the sweet and savory ones, and separating them into two boxes, based on their taste, color or texture.

Organize by subcategories closet

If we are talking about a closet, you might have one box for all of your belts, but imagine how much cleaner it would look like if each belt had a small compartment for it to sit in, or if all of your scarves were tied into neat knots and placed on a display instead of being jumbled up in a box. This method will clear up more space and make everything easier to find and access.

Proper Lighting

It is also very important that your closet is properly lit. Closets are usually small, so lighting is crucial for making them seem more welcoming and open. For storage closets, your main goal is to be able to see properly, so installing a strong overhead light can be all you need. 

But, for a walk-in closet that you also use as a dresser, you will have to get more creative. Natural light is the best option, so if you can install a window or a skylight, you will be doing yourself a huge favor, but you will still need some additional light.

lighting closet ideas

When I moved, I didn't want just a simple overhead lamp in my long-awaited walk-in, since that can sometimes create strange shadows. So, I found a reliable electrician in Sydney who helped me set up several strategic light sources, as well as small lights in my jewelry drawers, that gave the entire closet a touch of elegance.


After all, closets are just like any other room in the house, and just because we don't spend as much time in them, doesn't mean that they should be neglected. Make them a space you feel comfortable in and make sure you don't use them to hide your mess.

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