Contemporary Living – How to Design a Modern Living Room

For most people, the living room represents the heart of the home. This is where we get to spend precious time watching TV with our family or have a fun afternoon drinking coffee with our closest friends. That is why we always invest more money and time when designing and decorating it.

While sometimes it’s difficult to create an amazing-looking living room on a budget, it’s quite possible to end up with a modern and elegant space where everyone will want to spend as much time as possible. Here are some tips on what’s important when it comes to designing a modern living room.


Mouldings and Paint

Most will agree that the key is in the details and when it comes to walls, it’s a pretty big and definitely important detail. Crown moulding is definitely something to consider as having it will give the room an elegant look. While relatively inexpensive, crown mouldings make the room look glamorous and finished.

One of the most difficult decisions to make is what colour to choose for the walls of a room, the living room especially. Depending on your personal style, you can choose to go with either a bold and dramatic colour or you can choose soft and understated hues. Another thing to consider is having soft, neutral colours, and one accent wall painted in a bold colour.


Flooring is another very important thing to carefully consider when designing the living room. You can choose to have carpets everywhere, or maybe you prefer laminate, or wood, or stone.

While having carpets makes the room more cosy and warm, having hardwood floors without any carpets is becoming more and more popular seeing how this gives the room an extra elegant and classic look. And even though a hardwood floor is an investment, it’s definitely a worthy one.


Having good lighting is extremely important for any room but especially for the one you’ll probably spend the most time in, like the living room. And while it’s important to find good, functional lighting fixtures, it’s also important to choose something that’s stylish.

You can always find some elegant and modern fixtures at high-end lighting stores, but it’s also possible to find some very cool and unique fixtures at flea markets and second-hand stores. When choosing the lighting fixtures for your living room, always consider that having several different lighting sources is better than having just one huge chandelier. Instead, make sure you have plenty of table and floor lamps in order to create an interesting and elegant look.

Artwork and Accessories

No living room is complete without some cool artwork and accessories like pillows or vases placed around the room. Choose some modern artwork that speaks to your style in order to really personalise the space. Not only will the artwork and accessories make the room look less empty and dull, but you can use it to really bring the space together and make it more inviting.


After you’ve decided on the colour of the walls, it’s time to pick the perfect furniture for your living room. While choosing the right furniture can be tiresome and time-consuming, especially considering you’ll want everything to work together, make sure you buy well-made furniture in order for it to last longer.

To make the room extra inviting, fun and modern, you can create a custom home theatre for keeping your family and friends entertained. Decide where the centre of the room will be and arrange the furniture accordingly.


While designing your living room will definitely take time and plenty of investments, the end result can really be rewarding. Therefore, plan carefully and choose thoughtfully so that you end up having a contemporary yet cosy living room for yourself and your family.

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