The Mice Control Experts You Need in Toronto

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Mice and rats can be stubborn at times especially when you don’t know the best method of controlling them. Besides, the adverse damage that they can cause to your best dress, they can pose health issues to you and your family.

At Power Pest Control, our rodent control experts value your health and properties, that’s why we hate to see them being damaged by rats and mice. So how do we curb these rodents?


Our Mice Extermination Process

Did you know that rodents have species? Well, this is the very first thing our experts look into when they want to deal with mice and rats in your home. As, wehave been in this filed for years making us the best company to deal with your rodent problem. Our process is as follows:

1.Providing a Quote

These experts usually call you and give an exclusive understanding of the costs and all the payments needed to execute the whole process.

2.Carrying Out an In-Depth Analysis

After the agreement is signed, our team of rodent exterminators visits your business or home where rodents are giving you a headache. This is where they carry a thorough analysis to determine the traces of urine around the mice entrance holes.

3.Understanding The Behavior of Therodents

The analysis and inspection they conduct enable them to gain an understanding of how the rodents are moving in and out of your premises. This is the point where they give you the method they are going to use to eliminate mice and rats from your home.

4.Rodent Extermination

After approving our method of extermination of mice, we get back to what we know best. And the result is what you have always wanted.

After we are done with our mice control process, we keep following up to ensure that rodents don’t invade your building again in the future. So how do you recognize that perhaps you need these experts to do their job?

Indicators of Mice and Rats in your Home

Before you call us; you must recognize that you have a rodent problem in your compound and you need some help from a professional. Look out for the following:


Whenever you find some dark brown droppings that are shaped like rice grains, just know you got some unwelcomed guests. Depending on the number of rodents in your premises, the droppings may be more spread across the building.


They usually build their nests in holes or cardboards in hidden places. By getting some shredded papers and holes in your home, it might be an indicator you have rodents.

Scratching Noises

If you have some scratching noises at night on your walls, you have some rats and mice.

Some Footprints

In areas where no one steps or walks on, you can easily identify their tiny footprints.


When mice are hungry they tend to chew almost everything ranging from grains to wood, clothes to building materials. Next time you find a big hole in your trouser, know you got some rodents.


The beauty of having experts like Power Pest Control in Toronto is their ability to handle effectively rodent’s infestation. You don’t have to underestimate the damage of these rodents. Consequently, don’t give up, just contact us and have some peace in your home.

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