5 Tips For Making Your Home Look More Modern (Without A Remodel)

When it comes to modern design, there's nothing chicer. A modernized home looks expensive, sophisticated, and downright cozy. However, a modernly styled home doesn't always come cheap.

Often it requires the most expensive finishes and accessories and can be a challenge if you don't have a big budget to work with. The great news is that you can make your house look modernized without paying a “modern” price. To help you get started, here are some of the most straightforward ways to make your home look more modern instantly.

Add New Hardware

Adding hardware to your home is a relatively inexpensive, and simple process, yet can instantly breathe new life into a room. A simple old cabinet can suddenly become something out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine by simply adding new handles. The same goes for a door. You'd be surprised what adding a new door handle can do for a room.

Add Wallpaper

No longer is wallpaper considered something you'll find on your grandma's walls—wallpaper is back in a big way. Now, wallpaper is one of the chicest ways to add accents to your home. The best part is it's fairly simple to do yourself.

You don't need to call a handyman or interior designer. There are all sorts of different options to choose from. Whatever you choose, you should opt for something on the lighter side. Dark colors can't absorb all the light in the room and make a space feel much smaller.

Add Art

If you're bored with your walls, then a simple way to make things exciting is by adding art. Modern art is all about clean lines and light colors. Add art to every wall, and make sure that it's balanced. Too much in one part of the house and nothing in another can feel and even in the eye.

If you have an artistic side, you may even want to consider doing your own art! It's as easy as going on Pinterest and looking for ideas to create on a canvas of your very own.


If there's one thing that is present in every modern design home it's a lack of clutter. There's no point in adding more decor if you have clutter all over the place. This will only detract from the overall look and feel.

Make sure that all of your surfaces are clear without piles of papers and junk lying around. Remember, decluttering isn't a one-time thing, either. Decluttering is all about going back and decluttering as you go.

Let The Light In

Light is essential when creating a modern living space. Open the curtains, turn on the lights, and do whatever it takes to let as much light flow through your rooms. Remember, one of the main concepts of modern design is light colors and textures. If the house feels dark and closed off you're defeating the entire look and feel you should be aiming for.

Abigail Jones

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