7 Sizzling Decoration Ideas to Make Your Living Room Summer Ready

Are you wondering how you’ll spend the long summer afternoons this year? If you have got no other activity, consider revamping your living room. Sounds exciting, right? Well, I have got a list of some amazing ideas that will brighten up your lounge. Read on to find out:


Get New Light Fixture

People often ignore the light fixtures, but lighting is not just a mean to illuminate the room. A pretty chandelier can alter the outlook of your living room. The first step is choosing what type of lighting you want in your living room; warm light goes well with oriental and vintage themes. I prefer white light for modern and minimalistic designs, however.

Make Your Living Room Summer Ready

The next step is choosing the type of lighting. Do you want recessed lighting? Or a chandelier? Try the chandelier Molly by Corrado Dotti. It is a gorgeous piece of décor.

Add a Unique Art Piece

Beautiful artwork on the walls can make your living room look complete. You can splurge on an expensive art piece, or you can buy a cheap one, but I've got a better alternative. You should try making a personalized art piece. Think of all the praise you’ll gather when a visitor compliments your work.

Fiber Aesthetic

There are several ideas that you can try. You can frame a few leaves, preferably of different sizes and shapes and put them on the wall. Or you can collect several postcards and paste them all on a canvas, which you can then mount on the walls.

A Touch of Yellow

How about you add a few citric, tangy colors in your living room this summer? Nothing looks as pretty as a pop of color in an overall neutral colored bedroom. You can quirk up a light-beige-colored sofa with some funky prints. Or you can put a bright yellow tablecloth on the coffee table.

A printed curtain would look great as well. Yellow is such a bright and happy color, try adding lots of yellow things in your living room with pristine white walls and furniture.

Natural Fiber Aesthetic

You will be surprised to see how many products of natural fiber have now become a part of the interior designing industry. You'll find beautiful sofa covers and drapery in natural fiber.

Another great idea is hanging a lamp that is made out with natural fiber in the shape of a lantern. It would make your décor appear almost whimsical. Other items that you can include in this list are the natural fiber baskets. They are great for keeping blankets and light comforters beside the couch so that you can snooze peacefully.

If you can get hold of an armchair with a seat made of natural fiber, it would perfectly compliment the theme.

The Perfect Rug

The presence of a rug is often barely noticeable at first glance. However, you can surely notice the absence of one. If you plan on floating the furniture in the middle of your living room, consider having a rug at which you can place the furniture. If you don’t want a large one, make sure that at least the front legs of the chair are on the rug while the table sits in the center.

Oriental weaver rugs look gorgeous with granny prints. You can also try putting a hall runner if you have a longish corridor that leads into the living room.

Indoor Plants

I LOVE indoor plants! Partially because since I moved out of my parents’ house, I never had a lawn to tend to. So, I managed to grow a tiny indoor garden. I made planters by salvaging a few paint buckets that my neighbors tossed in the trash.

After coating them all with white paint, I dip-dyed them with several bright colors. My favorite plants for indoors are succulents, but I like to have a plant of lemon balm or basil to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

A Tufted Bench

A tufted bench, otherwise known as an ottoman is a must-have in the living room! They don’t only serve the purpose of a seat; they are also great for moving around. For example, if your bedroom and living room has the furniture belonging to the same theme, you can put the ottoman by the bed. It looks really elegant.

If you’re not looking for something too conventional, try finding a pair of square ottomans. Sometimes, when you have a bare corner of the room and no way of sparing it from looking awkward, you can place an ottoman there.

I hope you find the article helpful. Let us know in the comments below!

Julie Hilton is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about fashion forward home décor ideas as well as ‘pop of color’ art and visionary designs.

Julie Hilton

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