5 Ways to Make Your Home a Healthy Environment

When we come home after a long day, it’s important for us to know that we’re surrounded by love, comfort, and that the whole place makes us feel safe. We want to relax and unwind, to let go of the stress that piled up. We want a sanctuary where the family can come together and be sheltered. It’s very upsetting to find out that, sometimes, our own home is the unhealthiest place to be.

If we don’t take proper care of it, our living environment can get pretty toxic and affect our wellbeing. To ensure yours and your family’s health is always safe, we offer a few tips to help you make your home a healthy environment.


Avoid Harmful Chemicals

When cleaning with harsh chemicals, it’s important to protect yourself from inhaling toxic fumes. Some of these chemicals are really bad for our health, they’re badly regulated, and studies have found that some common household cleaners contain carcinogenic materials.

Anyone with respiratory problems needs to be extra careful, and also bear in mind that these chemicals can mess with your hormones and cause all sorts of problems in your body. When cleaning, open your windows and keep the room well-aired, wear protective gloves, and wear a face mask to protect you from fumes.

Better yet, consider switching up your store-bought cleaners for a homemade, organic version. Simple baking soda and vinegar can do a lot, but here are a few other substitutes you can try.

Clean Out The Dust

Dust is pretty terrible for our respiratory system, and children and sick people are particularly sensitive to it. Don’t let the dust settle in a thick layer before you clean it up, and wear a protective mask if you’re going to be exposed to a dust cloud as you sweep around.

Clean out the dust

Vacuum often, and don’t forget to change your bedding regularly. Vacuum your furniture occasionally as well, and try to get in between all the crevices. Curtains are hotbeds of dust as well, so give them a wash, too.

Get An Air Purifier

No better way to have a safe home with clean air than to get an air purifier. Mold is a big issue for a lot of households, and spores that are flying in the air can cause allergies and affect our health pretty drastically over a long period of time.

get an air purifier

Bear in mind that the best air purifier for mold has a HEPA filter, so find the one that’s appropriate and that fits easily into your home. Filtering out the small particles will give you a better environment, and this can protect not only your lungs, but your cardiovascular system as well.

Never Use Teflon

The non-stick cookware sounds like a dream come true for a busy housewife or a househusband, but in reality Teflon is really toxic, and you should definitely find safer alternatives to something that has been known to literally kill birds.

never use Teflon

The Environmental Working Group says that Teflon and chemicals used to make it are some of the most persistent, long-lasting chemicals in the world, and that they can affect everything our thyroid, immune system, liver, and our ability to fend off infections. Cook on cast iron or stainless steel and your meals won’t end up accidentally poisoning you bit by little bit.

Use Glass Instead Of Plastic

Plastic is generally bad for the environment, but it’s particularly bad for storing food. It contains materials and chemicals that can upset your hormone levels, and it can even leak into your food. The effect is subtle, but again, it works over time to raise the risk of cancer and disease, and it’s better to ditch it.

use glass instead of plastic

Glass is reusable, you can easily wash it, and the best thing about it is that it’s infinitely recyclable and that it doesn’t cause any negative effects on your body.


Small changes like these don’t take much effort, but they make a big difference. Taking care of the environment is generally not only about grand things, it’s about small, everyday habits we can create that improve the quality of our life and make us, and everyone around us, safe and happy.

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