What’s New in Kitchen Trends for 2018?

When they think about their ideal home, many people in fact dream of the perfect kitchen. It makes sense, because the kitchen is the place where most families spend the majority of their time together. A kitchen needs to both look beautiful, and be practical. Ease of cleaning and functionality of the elements are crucial.

Kitchen trends change, and something that was all the rage just a few years ago, could look completely outdated today. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful current leanings when it comes to kitchen décor.


Unusual Tiles

For a while, everyone was getting subway tiles, which are a stern and slightly sterile addition to a kitchen. Luckily, they are finally out of fashion, and designers are embracing beautiful, fun, extravagant shapes, textures and colors.

Of course, when it comes to kitchen tiles, practical concerns, like cleaning, are always relevant, so be careful with your choice.

Out With Granite, In With Quartz

A lot of the times, countertops are the star of the kitchen. Granite ruled supreme for years, even decades. However, people are finally getting bored with it, and a new, worthy successor is here.

We are talking about quartz. It’s just as pretty and the quality and durability of the material are outstanding. For all those who are over granite, quartz is a new and fresh possibility.

Play With Colors

Neutrals will never be unfashionable when it comes to home décor, but this season bold colors are having their moment. If you have the courage, and are ready to go all out, you can choose one of the trendy shades, like orange, and make them the main feature of your kitchen. Those who want to play, but are not ready for such a dramatic look can go for a two-tone combo.

You can also combine bold accents with natural materials such as wood, stone, concrete, terracotta and clay. If you’re not in a hurry, wait for Pantone to announce their color for next year. Dark kitchens with shiny accents have been on point for the last couple of years, and that particular trend is still alive and kicking, if that’s more your thing.

The Futuristic Kitchen

A high-tech look is one of the eternally popular kitchen trends. Kitchens can be prone to clutter, so people who love everything to be tidy often go for an ultra-modern decorating style with lots of closed storage space.

A minimalist kitchen is completed with top of the line appliances, like those from Frigidaire. The result is an extremely practical, yet gorgeous kitchen full of sleek, shiny surfaces, simple, austere shapes, zero clutter, and premium equipment. This is not a cozy-looking kitchen, but it has a lot of fans.

Get Cozy With Modern Rustic

Some variation of rustic design will always be a popular option for kitchens. If your favorite new word is hygge, and you love homes that feel snug, the modern rustic is the style for you. What’s great about the modern rustic is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

You can create your own modern rustic kitchen on a relatively tight budget by embracing an eclectic style, using beautiful DIY creations, re-purposed pieces, and pieces made from reclaimed materials.


Kitchen renovations can be quite costly, plus, they are a lot of work and cause a major disruption in the home. That is why you should explore all options before you decide on a style for your renovation project.

Opting for a fairly neutral look is usually the best solution, because trends can be fickle and a kitchen is supposed to last you a good few years.

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