Interior Design Trends You Will Love in 2018

2018 is definitely going to be the year of forgotten trends, because it’s about to re-introduce some of the iconic trends we adored in the years behind us. From brass and gold, through vibrant green as well as the timeless black and white patterns, interior designs of 2018 will be absolutely ground-breaking.

Check them out if you need some ideas on how to redecorate your home!


Green and Gold

When you think about your home, the first thing that comes to mind is harmony, rest, peace and serenity. Thanks to the 2018 interior design trends, you’ll have the chance to create just that ‒ a calm and pleasant home. Green tones promote balance and harmony, and when combined with gold hues, create a comfy and trendy design.

By mixing gold hues and avocado green, you’ll introduce a bit of 70s vibe into your interior. Think green walls and golden chandeliers, in combination with yellow furniture. Alternatively, paint the walls white, add avocado green curtains to match the light green sofa and armchair, and add some statement pieces in the form of golden lamps to create a trendy home ready for 2018.

Black and White

It seems as if black and white combo never really goes away from the list of top trends, but in 2018 we’re officially giving it a thumbs up. If you love the vintage vibe that features just enough of contemporary style to make you feel comfortable, then this is the colour scheme you need in your house.

Introduce a sense of sophistication and elegance, and invest in black furniture to match your clean white walls. With a zebra patterned floor rug, as well as white throw pillows with a checked pattern, the living room will look stylish and fabulous. Consider adding a glass coffee table as well as a metal lamp to create a high-end interior.

Dark Wood

Dark wood will also be all the rage next year. Think chocolate brown hues mixed with light brown colours, combined with fascinating lighting solutions. Illuminate the interior with bright lights to balance out the dark wood tones. Consider installing cork floors, doors and cabinets for the ultimate warm and cosy home.

Brass is Back

2016 introduced the brass trend, and 2018 is here to bring it back. While you may have thought it’s over with this lively material, brass will again rule the homes everywhere, bringing in the dose of warmth, and shine.

Think about investing in lamps made of brass, as well as bowls, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and even doorknobs. Match brass accents with brown furniture, and furry grey floor rugs to create the ultimate cosy ambiance in your living room.

For a chic and modern bathroom, consider introducing brass mirror frames, plumbing fixtures as well as some black tones for a nice chic contrast.

Metal, Glass and Ceramics

Modern trends in decorating never stop to amaze us. While ceramics has always been present in the interior design, nowadays it’s coming back as a leading trend in 2018. 

From terracotta tiles, through ceramic vases combined with metal furniture, the year to come certainly offers a variety of options for us to transform our homes into fierce-looking sanctuaries. Metal dominates the trends lately, and will continue to do so the upcoming year. Therefore, get ready for metal picture frames, furniture, lighting fixtures and even wall panels that will help you create that unique vibe in your home.

By using metal furniture covered with soft upholstery fabric such as suede and velvet (another trend to look forward to), add shiny luxury to your dining room, and furnish the home fashionably. Glass coffee tables, picture frames, as well as various accent pieces, that can dominate your interior, will create the perfect balance between vibrant green hues and exquisite brass elements.

Oversized Furniture

In 2018, size will matter when it comes to your favourite piece of furniture. This will be especially good news for those who don’t have a problem fitting furniture into their bedrooms or living rooms, because the latest trends promote big interior spaces as well as large furniture pieces. 

This is just another one of the forgotten trends making its comeback in 2018, allowing you to create an antique, but elegant atmosphere in your home.


Interior design trends for 2018 will bring back some of the fabulous trends we loved many seasons ago, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them back. With just a little bit of creativity and experimentation, you’ll be able to design a home the entire family will love spending time at. Go from plain to fabulous in just a few steps with these fascinating and stylish new interior design trends.

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