5 Reasons You Must Install Gutter Guards in Your Home

Have you ever had to go through the trouble of a clogged gutter? What did you do to overcome the problem? In this article, we’ll go through five reasons you should consider installing gutter guards in your home.


Leaf gutter guards are rolls of material made from mesh,vinyl, aluminium, or copper, that work to keep debris such as insects and leaves out of your gutters so that water can flow smoothly. If water flow is not kept smooth and obstruction-free, then you can end up with bigger problems such as infestation, rusting and corroding of gutters, and more.

Save Time & Money

If you are a homeowner, you would be cognizant of the fact that gutters should be cleaned two times a year; spring and fall. Cleaning debris from the rooftop, after the installation of gutter guards,facilitates cleaning by a great degree.

Gutter guards function toprevent debris from accumulating and blocking the gutter system.In the absence of gutter guards, then cleaning gutters will not only be more difficult, but costly as well, and we all know that regardless of which method you opt for, cleaning gutters is a costly procedure. You can get access to more information from Leaf Gutter Guards.

Protection from Fire

Do you live areas that are prone to a bushfire? If the answer is in the affirmative you would know that floating embers can travel a substantial distance. If these embers come in contact with dry leaves then a fire can be initiated.

With gutter guards, leaf debris is prevented from sitting on gutters and therefore there is less chance of a fire starting.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Metals such as iron and copper, when exposed to oxygen, have the tendency to rust. This results in their appearance being altered from their original color to something of a more orangish and blue-green tint.

When such chemical reactions take place the metal loses its fine appearance and looks dull and old. This process is increased when moist, soggy leaves are left to sit on the gutter surface.

Improved Water Flow

Leaf gutter guards function as a sieve to collect any debris and contaminant so that water can flow freely into the gutters. 

In the absence of gutter guards, water flow is thwarted, and gutters overflow resulting in a breeding ground for insects and rodents. Regular water flow is important because it allows for downspouts to function as they should.

Avoid Infestations

One major benefit of gutter gua​​rds is that they help to allow water from flowing easily, without any obstruction, into the gutters. If this is not to happen, then gutters would overflow with water, and this can be a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, rats, and more.

We all know that once the problem of vermin is initiated, it is not only going to be hard to get rid of but will be an added burden to your wallet. Gutter guards help to keep infestation at bay.

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